Europe’s Economy Is Looking Wheezy – Linkfest (Aug 13)

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Europe’s Economy Is Looking Wheezy – Linkfest (Aug 13)

That sound you hear is Europe coughing and wheezing. It seems that the continent has caught a cold when it comes to economic growth. The crisis in Russia and the Ukraine — which we’ve been able to pretty much ignore here in the U.S. — is finally catching up to the Old Country. Germany, France and a whole host of European nations are feeling the pinch. That isn’t good news for the world’s economy nor our stocks. Here’s Adam Samson at Fox Business with the run-down of all Europe’s current troubles.

Business Insider (Sam Ro): The issues even stem to Europe’s stalwart Germany. And that’s a big problem.

The New York Times’ DealBook (Jenny Anderson): Europe loads up on junk bonds. Yeah, that’ll end well

Bloomberg View (Mark Gilbert): Get ready for Europe to “Crash & Burn.”

Dragonfly Capital (Greg Harmon): Although, all of this negativity has made European stocks pretty cheap.

Sober Look (Staff): So why isn’t gold lower? Here’s a list of things propping it up.

Wall Street Journal (Juliet Chung and Kirsten Grind): The SEC finally starts looking at alternative mutual funds. That means trouble in fund land.

What Works On Wall Street Blog (Jim O’Shaughnessy): Shareholder yield — the combo of dividends and buybacks — is the best way to find stock-market “gold.”

Beyond BRICS (Avantika Chilkoti): India says yes to REITs. Big news for a huge and growing commercial property market.

CNN Money (Alanna Petroff): The good news for Europe: The printed marshmallow industry is booming. Now you can eat your own face!

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