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Why are stocks up (or down) and what does the latest Mullen Automotive news mean? Today’s Market will answer those questions and keep you informed about big stock market movers. We’ll also tell you about the latest Fed moves, what stocks Warren Buffett is buying, and which stocks look primed for a short squeeze. Today’s Market is the perfect pairing of InvestorPlace’s expert financial advice and critical stock and crypto news.

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BIRK Stock Alert: Will a Government Shutdown Cancel the Birkenstock IPO?

The upcoming Birkenstock IPO is likely to go ahead as planned, which is good news for BIRK stock. Other companies may not be so lucky.

Stock Market Crash Alert: 91% of CEOs Are Worried About a Government Shutdown

Concerns of a stock market crash appear to be creeping higher, as CEOs chime in on the effects of another government shutdown.

Is It Too Late for Ryan Cohen to Save Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBYQ) Stock?

BBBYQ stock holders should prepare their goodbyes, as the chances of Ryan Cohen stepping in to save the day are slim to none.

Carnival Just Reported Record Revenue. Why Is CCL Stock Down?

Although Carnival posted blistering stats for its Q3 earnings report, investors hit the exits on CCL stock due to projected concerns.

AMC Stock: New Kansas City Report Draws Ire Against CEO Adam Aron

Retail investors have another reason to sour on AMC stock, as discussion about the executive pay at AMC Entertainment picks up.

Bumble (BMBL) Stock Pops 5% on Loop Capital Upgrade

Although dating app Bumble received a lift from a Loop Capital upgrade, BMBL stock must still contend against bearish traders.

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Mortgage Rates?

Would a government shutdown lift or lower mortgage rates? Either way, stock investors should keep calm and stay informed.

Do You Still Have to Repay Student Loans if the Federal Government Shuts Down?

Whether a federal government shutdown occurs or not, student loans will still be expected to be repaid in October.

The Cost to Borrow T2 (TTOO) Stock Is Up 130% in Just 10 Days

The cost to borrow fee for TTOO stock currently tallies in at 37.62%, up significantly compared to the reading of 16.06% on Sept. 18.

NVDA Stock Alert: French Authorities Raid Nvidia’s Office

Nvidia has been targeted by French authorities in a raid over possible anti-competitive practices. However, NVDA stock is up despite this.

Airline Stocks Alert: What a Government Shutdown Means for Air Travel

Airline stocks could be hurt by a government shutdown.  Many federal workers who facilitate air travel could stay home during a shutdown.

NKE Stock Alert: 3 Key Reasons Nike Is Up 7% After Earnings

NKE stock opened in the green after the company reported revenue of $12.94 billion and an EPS of 94 cents, beating analyst estimates.

FSR Stock Alert: Fisker Raises $150 Million

Fisker stock is on the move Friday as investors in FSR react to the EV company raising $150 million through a note offering.

GCT Stock Alert: Culper Research Takes Aim at GigaCloud in Short Report

GigaCloud Technology stock is on the move Friday after shares of GCT were called out in a short report from Culper Research.

Why Are Chinese Stocks BABA, NIO, XPEV Up Today?

Chinese stocks are on the rise Friday after regulators in Beijing commented on potential changes to data information rules.

GME Stock Alert: Ryan Cohen Issues Warning to GameStop Employees

Cohen has yet to find a way to restart growth at the video game chain. His 12% stake in GME stock may prove the ultimate in dumb money.

This Meta Platforms Insider Just Sold $200,000 Worth of META Stock

Meta Platforms stock is on the move Friday following an insider at the social media company selling $200,000 worth of shares.

APRN Stock Alert: Blue Apron Surges on Buyout Offer

APRN stock has been a horrible stock to own since its 2017 IPO, but the worst is now over. It's Marc Lore's Wonder Group's problem now.

SOFI Stock Heats Up Ahead of Student Loan Repayment Return

SoFi stock is trending on social media. Americans with student loans are set to begin resuming payments on them in a few days.