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Today’s Market will tell you what is happening in the stock market and why it matters. We’ll explain market-moving company updates and tell you why a stock is up 100%. We’ll also tell you why a controversial tweet from Elon Musk really matters. Here you’ll find the perfect pairing of our expert financial advice and the most critical stock market news.

CCIV Stock: Saudi PIF Keeps Hope Alive as Lucid Merger Delays Hit Shares

CCIV stock is struggling Tuesday, but some investors take a Saudi PIF interview as a souce of Lucid Motors hope. Here's what to know.

EZGO IPO: 12 Things for Potential EZGO Stock Investors to Know

EZGO Technologies (EZGO) launched its IPO on Tuesday and it was a success for the electric bicycle company with the stock on the rise.

GME Stock: GameStop Soars 50% as SPAC Legend Palihapitiya Dives In

GME stock is soaring once again on Tuesday as Chamath Palihapitiya announces that he is entering the GameStop frenzy. Here's what to know.

EV Stocks News: Why RIDE, NKLA, HYLN and WKHS Stock Are Soaring Today

EV stocks like WKHS stock and RIDE stock are soaring Tuesday thanks to Biden's new "Buy America" order. Here's what you should know.

PHUN Stock: 10 Things to Know About Phunware Today as Shares Rocket

Shares of PHUN stock are taking off today, but do you know what Phunware does? Let's take a closer look at this mobile solutions firm.

Reddit’s Wall Street Bets: 5 WSB Stocks That Could Be the Next GameStop

A meteoric rise in GME stock is turning heads and attracting attention to a group of Reddit WSB stocks. Will you find the next GameStop?

VTNR Stock: 6 Things to Know About Vertex Energy as Shares Rocket Higher

Vertex Energy (VTNR) stock is surging higher on Tuesday despite a lack of news concerning the alternative energy company.

PRTS Stock News: Shares Race Higher on EV Move (PRTS) stock is revving up higher on Tuesday after announcing a new EV shopping hub for aftermarket auto parts.

Wheels Up SPAC Merger? 10 Things to Know About the Private Aviation Startup and ASPL Stock

Wheels Up is reportedly in talks to go public via a SPAC merger with blank check company Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle Corp (ASPL).

PLTR Stock: 13 Things to Know About Frequent WSB Reddit Target Palantir on Demo Day

Palantir (PLTR) stock is on the move Tuesday as the company often targeted by WSB traders prepares for its Demo Day event later today.

TLRY Stock Alert: 7 Things to Know Today About Tilray’s Deal With France

Tilray (TLRY) stock is heading higher on Tuesday after announcing a deal with France to supply it with medical marijuana.

BYND Stock: Beyond Meat Shares Sizzle on Big Pepsi Partnership

Beyond Meat (BYND) stock is heating up on Tuesday after announcing a new partnership with PepsiCo (PEP) for snacks and beverages,

ETSY Stock: One Big Reason Why Etsy Shares Are on the Move Today

Crazy as it sounds, an early valentine to Etsy from Tesla's Elon Musk has markets all a flutter. ETSY stock is trending higher on the EV-maker's tweet.

What Did the Stock Market Do Today? Jan. 26, 2021

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KOSS Stock: How Reddit Has Koss Corporation Shares Rocketing Higher

It seems like the WallStreetBets Reddit has discovered Koss stock. The community is fueling a huge surge much like it did in recent days with GameStop.

EGRNF Stock: 14 Things to Know About EV Play Evergrande Auto as Shares Rocket 400%

China Evergrande Group (EGRNF) is seeing its stock soar higher on Monday following positive news for its EV company Evergrande Auto.

OEG Stock: 12 Things to Know About Orbital Energy Group and the Orbital Solar JV

Orbital Energy Group (OEG) stock is shining brighter on Monday after announcing a new joint venture with Black Sunrise Fund.

VYNE Stock: 13 Things to Know About Vyne Therapeutics as Shares Rocket Higher

Vyne Therapeutics (VYNE) stock is taking off on Wednesday as investors take an interest in the pharmaceutical company on recent news.

CCIV Stock: Rumors of a Lucid Motors SPAC Merger Delay Spur Pullback

Churchill Capital (CCIV) stock slowed Monday following rumors that its possible SPAC merger with Lucid Motors is facing a delay.

BB Stock: 11 Things to Know About Blackberry as Shares Continue to Rocket

Shares of BB stock are continuing its rapid rise on Monday after investors continue to boost the Canadian technology firm over positive news.