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Why is Bitcoin crashing and what does that tweet from Elon Musk mean? Today’s Market will answer those questions and keep you informed about big stock market movers. We’ll also tell you about altcoins that are heating up, what penny stocks Reddit is watching, and which stocks look primed for a short squeeze. Today’s Market is the perfect pairing of InvestorPlace’s expert financial advice and critical stock and crypto news.

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Is AIAD Stock the Next DWAC? What to Know as Brad Parscale Boosts the Penny Stock.

A tweet from Brad Parscale has sent AIAD stock skyrocketing. Here's what investors should know about this potential Trump trade.

Dear Cardano Crypto Fans, Mark Your Calendars for a SundaeSwap Catalyst on Jan. 20

On Jan. 20, the beta version of SundaeSwap will launch. What implications does this have for the Cardano crypto? Let's take a look.

Coinbase NFT Partnership: 6 Things to Know About the Coinbase-Mastercard Collaboration

Today, Coinbase announced that it had entered into a partnership with Mastercard. Mastercard users will be able to buy NFTs with fiat money.

Cardano Price Predictions: Where Will the Metaverse Take the ADA Crypto?

Despite promising metaverse news from recently launched gaming application Pavia, Cardano is down today. Cardano price predictions are hot.

Tesla Stock Has Texas-Sized Gains Right Around the Corner

Drone footage indicates that the Tesla Model Y may be here sooner than expected. When it hits the road, expect Tesla stock to soar.

Oil Stocks Alert: What Is Going on With XOM, CVX, BP, SU Stocks Today?

The global oil supply chain is tightening, and oil stocks are shooting up as a result. Here's what you need to know about recent events.

PlanetWatch Crypto Price Predictions: Could PLANETS Be the Next Big Crypto?

PlanetWatch crypto price predictions are a hot topic as investors look to the company for its easy means to passive income.

Rivian Stock Price Predictions: Where Will RIVN Go After Hitting New 52-Week Low?

Rivian just hit an all-time low of $74, a far cry from its 2021 high of $179. Where will 2022 take Rivian stock price predictions next?

Tech Stocks Alert: Why TSLA, NVDA, FB, AMZN, UBER Stocks Are Down Today

Today, a rather diverse group of top tech stocks is seeing immense selling pressure today, as investors rethink portfolio construction.

PLTR Stock Price Predictions: Where Will Palantir Go After Hitting New 52-Week Low?

Today, popular retail favorite Palantir is getting hammered by the market on interest rate concerns, with PLTR stock hitting a 52-week low.

Gaming Stocks Alert: Why Are ATVI, RBLX, EA, TTWO Stocks Leveling Up Today?

Gamers, rejoice! Gaming stocks are the talk of the town today after Microsoft announced it's taking over legendary publisher, Activision.

AMC Stock Alert: What Is Going on With AMC Entertainment Today?

Today, AMC stock, along with a broad range of speculative risk-on trades, are getting battered by an increasingly bearish economic outlook.

Short Squeeze Stocks: ISIG, PIXY and 3 Others Experts Think Are Ready to Pop

These five top short squeeze stocks are worth a close look from retail investors looking for opportunities in an otherwise down market.

6 Sustainable Crypto Mining Stocks Vying for Kevin O’Leary’s ‘Wonderful’ Money

Sustainable crypto mining stocks are coming into the forefront of investor interest today as Kevin O'Leary shines a light on the space.

Market Update: Why Are Stocks Down Tuesday?

It's time for a market update and we're diving into why stocks are down on Tuesday and there's plenty of reasons for today's dip.

BABA Stock Alert: Why Is Alibaba Feeling Big Pressure Today?

News of a White House probe has BABA stock falling today. Here's what you need to know about this data security investigation.

BBIG Stock Alert: How High Can Investors Squeeze Vinco Ventures?

Shares of BBIG stock are up by more than 25%. The popular Reddit name also carries a high short interest figure. Is a short squeeze coming?

BLNK Stock: 9 Things for Blink Charging Investors to Know About the GM Deal

Blink Charging (BLNK) stock is getting a boost on Tuesday from a deal with General Motors (GM) for its electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

Baby Doge Coin Price Predictions: Where Will BABYDOGE Crypto Go After CoinEx Listing?

Baby Doge crypto fans are likely yipping up a storm today after the token jumped on listing news. Baby Doge Coin price predictions abound!

NURO Stock: Why NeuroMetrix Investors Are Feeling No Pain Today

NeuroMetrix (NURO) stock is rocketing higher on Tuesday thanks to the FDA granting it Breakthrough Designation for one of its devices.