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Today’s Market will tell you what is happening in the stock market and why it matters. We’ll explain market-moving company updates and tell you why a stock is up 100%. We’ll also tell you why a controversial tweet from Elon Musk really matters. Here you’ll find the perfect pairing of our expert financial advice and the most critical stock market news.

WeWork ‘Works’ With Bitcoin? 7 Things to Know About the Office Space Company’s New Crypto Plans

WeWork is dipping its toes into the crypto game with payment plans as more companies start allowing the use of digital assets.

Venmo Crypto Update: 15 Things to Know if You Want to Buy, Sell or Pay With Cryptocurrency

Venmo is taking a big step forward today with a crypto update that allows buying, selling, and holding certain cryptocurrencies in its app.

Cannabis Stocks: One Big Reason ACB, APHA, TLRY, SNDL Stock Are Getting High on 4/20

Cannabis stocks like Reddit favorite SNDL stock are gaining Tuesday thanks to the 420 weed holiday and updates from Capitol Hill.

Tobacco Stocks: Why PM, IMBBY, BTI, MO Stocks Are Getting Smoked Today

Tobacco stocks like MO stock and PM stock are suffering Tuesday following reports that the FDA could cut nicotine levels in cigarettes.

Today’s Biggest Pre-Market Movers: 10 Top Gainers and Losers on Tuesday Morning

Tuesday's here and early risers can get up to speed with a look at the winners and losers of pre-market movers for today.

What Did the Stock Market Do today? 3 Big Stories to Catch Up On.

So what did the stock market do today? Investors are gearing up for #DogeDay while trying to find the next big cryptocurrency to watch.

SNDL Stock: Is 4/20 Really Boosting Sundial Growers Stock Today?

With a cannabis bill reaching a House vote on Monday afternoon, cannabis stocks are up. One of the bigger winners is SNDL stock.

SafeMoon Crypto: 11 Things to Know as SafeMoon Prices Rocket 100% Higher

As SafeMoon prices continue to rocket on Monday, here are the top 11 things investors should know about the speculative crypto.

HCMC Stock: What to Know as Healthier Choices Gains Today Despite Lawsuit Updates

Reddit favorite HCMC stock is seeing gains today as Philip Morris files to have the lawsuit levied against it dismissed.

UiPath IPO: When Does UiPath Go Public? What Is the PATH Stock IPO Price Range?

The UiPath IPO is quickly approaching. Here is what you need to know about the PATH stock IPO price range and everything else.

SKLZ Stock: Is This Short Report Behind the Stumble in Skillz Today?

SKLZ stock is stumbling on Monday without a clear reason. At play could be a new anonymous short report criticizing Skillz.

NAKD Stock: The Big News Sending Naked Brand Soaring on Monday

Today, investors in NAKD stock are seeing a rare green day as investors appear to be bullish on a key announcement of a new CFO.

Why Is Crypto Down Today? 3 Reasons Cryptos Are Coming Off Record Highs

A major blackout in China and fears of government bans have cryptocurrency prices heading lower to start the week.

Neo (NEO) Price Predictions: Where Will the Ethereum Rival Go After N3 Launch?

Neo's new N3 blockchain platform is capitalizing on what Ethereum lacks. Now, analysts' Neo (NEO) price predictions are heating up.

The Next Big Cryptocurrency: 7 Tokens That Could Help You Profit From Vaccine Passports

Investors looking for the next big cryptocurrency should turn to healthcare tokens, thanks to the growing popularity of vaccine passports.

Midday Market Update: The 10 Most Active Crypto Today

We're diving into a midday market update for Monday but instead of stocks, we're taking a look at the most active cryptos today.

COIN Stock Alert: 8 Things to Know as Coinbase CEO Sells $291M Shares

Shares of COIN stock are taking a hit on Monday after reports emerged of major insider selling. However, a closer look reveals the truth.

Midday Market Update: The 10 Most Active Stocks Today

It's time for the midday market update as we take a look at the 10 stocks seeing the most activity on the market Monday.

GME Stock: Roaring Kitty and a Miami Judge Could Help Send GameStop to the Moon Today

GME stock is up big on Monday as Robinhood lawsuits kick off and r/WallStreetBets star Roaring Kitty dives deeper into GameStop.

FSLR Stock: Why This Citi Analyst Thinks the Future Looks Bright for First Solar

First Solar (FSLR) stock got one heck of an upgrade and price target increase on Monday from Citigroup analyst J.B. Lowe.