Mutual Funds

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index’s AUM Passed Pimco’s Long Ago

A recent article stated that assets under management at Vanguard's Total Stock Market Index Fund surpassed Pimco's similar fund, but the 'news' is both wrong and wrong-headed. Read Article

3 Best Mutual Funds for Stingy Retirees

Retirees looking for steady, generous income and low risk too often pay punishingly high fees. These low-risk income funds can't be beat on price. Read Article

3 Winning Mutual Funds From ‘Super Mario’

Investors looking for a fundamental, disciplined approach to value investing should consider these three mutual funds under the watch of Mario Gabelli. Read Article

Vanguard Funds – Cutting Costs and Cleaning House with Mergers

Vanguard is streamlining its underperforming funds with mergers, and opening up low-cost Admiral shares to a wider audience. Read Article

Get Global Exposure Now, Debt Ceiling or Not

It always makes sense to have international exposure, regardless of the debt ceiling or other political calamity. Get that exposure via Vanguard's VWIGX. Read Article

2 Balanced Funds for Uncertain Times

Growth is go-go this year, but these Fidelity and Oakmark balanced fund offerings are the perfect holdings for times of tumult. Read Article

Mutual Funds: Winners and Losers for Q3

The third quarter of 2013 saw some big moves in mutual funds, spurred by small-cap success, among other factors. Of course, it also saw some duds. Read Article

New Low-Volatility Fund at Vanguard

Low volatility and global exposure -- sounds great, but funds with this strategy have not had a chance to prove themselves in a down market. Read Article

Hunting for Yield? Target These 3 Municipal Bond Funds

Municipal bonds have suffered a months-long investor exodus, but that might be creating some values in the municipal bond fund space. Read Article

5 Fire-Breathing China Mutual Funds to Buy

If you're looking to invest in China, it's smart to use mutual fund managers as a tour guide of sorts. Here are five top Chinese mutual funds to consider. Read Article

3 Mutual Funds Poised to Profit From Obamacare

By Bill Wysor -- There are winners and losers in the changing healthcare industry, but let seasoned mutual fund managers do the legwork for you. Read Article

5 Mutual Funds to Avoid

Sometimes investing success comes from what you avoid rather than what you actually buy. Here are five mutual funds to avoid at all costs. Read Article

Dividend Darlings: 3 Mutual Funds to Buy

If you're looking for dividend-paying stocks but worry about your own stock-picking skills, consider these three sturdy mutual funds instead. Read Article

Get Ready for More Alternative Funds

Now that mutual funds can pitch alternative funds to retail investors, expect to see a lot of "alts" coming to the market. Read Article

2 Energy Funds to Power Your Portfolio

A growing global population means energy as an investing trend isn't going anywhere. However, finding the right play can be tricky, so consider leaning on these mutual funds' brainpower. Read Article

Has PIMCO’s Bill Gross Lost His Midas Touch?

The "Bond King's" Total Return Fund is doing some serious bleeding in 2013, but how much of it rests on Bill Gross' shoulders? Read Article

2 Small-Cap Funds That Deliver

For many, the best way to invest in small caps is to let active management sort the wheat from the chaff. Try these two small-cap funds on for size. Read Article

3 Balanced Mutual Funds for a Smooth Ride

These three balanced mutual funds aren't just for conservative investors -- they're for anyone nervous about the stock market. Read Article

3 Midcap Funds You Can Take to the Bank

Supercharge your portfolio with funds that target underappreciated but overperforming midcap stocks, and make sure you're plenty exposed to financials. Read Article

3 Reasons Not to Give Up on Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have been largely dismissed as inferior to exchange-traded funds, but they still tout a couple of important advantages. Read Article