The Retailers: Both Good and Bad – Real Time Insight

Are the retailers telling us something about the economy? It all depends on how you view the results from the second quarter. Here's a preview More 

Bear of the Day: Abercrombie & Fitch Falling Out of Fashion

Abercrombie & Fitch has been struggling for a while, and its most recent quarterly results sent investors to the sidelines. Is there more to come? More 

Merger Mania Takes Over: Tuesday’s IP Market Recap

Merger and buyout news for Verizon, Vodafone, Microsoft and Nokia led the headline news as investors bid up markets broadly to start the fall. More 

Bull of the Day: Michael Kors Continues to Design Success

Michael Kors is a star stock performer in the retailing world, cranking out strong revenue and earnings growth quarterly. It's a great retail portfolio play More 

Aeropostale to Close More Stores Than Planned

Aeropostale experienced a 6% loss in revenue during its second quarter. The loss has prompted the clothing chain to close 30 to 40 stores. More 

Nasdaq Powers Past Tech Glitch: Thursday’s IP Market Recap

Nasdaq trading was halted for roughly three hours Thursday thanks to a tech glitch, but it and the other indices finished higher. Retailers didn't have it so good. More 

3 Dead Retail Stocks Walking

Sears, Radioshack and Barnes & Noble are 3 retailers in deep trouble, with each having its own problems. Which one looks worse? It's just a matter of degree. More