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Teen Retailer Aeropostale Inc (AROP) Files for Bankruptcy

Aeropostale has announced that it's filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and that it will be closing locations in the US and Canada. More 

Aeropostale Inc (AROP): This Teen Retailer Is Dead

America has too much retail, and online's not helping the cause. Teen retailers such as Aeropostale (AROP) likely won’t be missed ... and others like Forever 21 could be right behind them. More 

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Why Aeropostale Inc (ARO) Stock Is Cratering Today

Aeropostale stock took a huge hit on Friday following the release of its Q4 2015 earnings report and approval to explore financial options. More 

3 Stocks to Watch on Friday: Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE), Aeropostale Inc (ARO) and Columbia Pipeline Group Inc (CPGX)

Aeropostale (ARO) is up for sale and set for a Friday beating after poor quarterly results, while Adobe (ADBE) and Columbia Pipeline (CPGX) should enjoy healthy gains. More 

10 Cinderella Stocks to Buy for 2016

Like the underdogs of March Madness, these beaten-down stocks to buy might pull off a big surprise or two this year. More