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7 Tech Trends Changing the World Today

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Einhorn’s EMC Stock Buy No Big Deal For EMC Investors

David Einhorn purchased around 2 million shares of EMC stock, a small sum for Einhorn. EMC stock investors should cheer the move. More 

5 Ways Insiders Say Nadella Can Fix MSFT’s Real Money Maker

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9 Tech Trends to Make Someone Billions Of Dollars Next Year

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F5 Networks a Buy on Growth and Profits

F5 is a significant player in the cloud space, managing the flow of big data to the cloud. A recent pullback signals an opportunity for savvy investors More 

Google Chairman Schmidt: Enterprises Love Tablets

The tablet is what's most threatening big enterprise software companies like Oracle, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said on stage at the Gartner Symposium More 

Amazon Wins Battle to Build $600 Million Cloud For The CIA

In the legal fight between IBM and Amazon to build a private cloud for the CIA, Amazon has emerged the winner for the $600 million contract. More