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Investors Complacent as Fed Prepares to Tighten

The market is in a bizarre state of denial over what the Federal Reserve clearly plans on doing with QE3. More 

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The Frightening Foolishness of the Fed’s Bond Fund ‘Exit Fees’ Idea

The Federal Reserve is considering slapping exit fees on bond funds in order to prevent disorderly selling. Here's why this idea is so, so foolish. More 

The One Reason a Stock Market Crash Simply Won’t Happen

Everyone loves making headlines predicting the next stock market crash, but they apparently don't like being right. The Fed's near-zero rate policy ensures that the bull market can continue for at least another year. More 

Wall Street Says Weak Economic Growth Isn’t Just a Blip

Weak first quarter economic growth was supposed to be a weather-related blip. So why are some key indicators showing no sign a second-half recovery is in the cards? More 

What’s Next After Yellen’s “Rookie” Moment of Clarity?

Traders sold off after the Fed meeting. Too bad for them, because only one significant item came out of Yellen's remarks, and it wasn't exactly a surprise. More 

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Worry About a Market Crash

We're going to get a market crash again -- that's inevitable. But don't take the bears' recent warnings to heart. More