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NFLX-TWC Deal Means Faster Netflix Streaming

A partnership between Netflix and Time Warner Cable has been struck. Streaming speeds on Netflix should be faster now for TWC users. More 

What Are Warren Buffett and Other Billionaires’ Buying and Selling?

Warren Buffett and hedge-fund billionaires moved a lot of stock last quarter, but the most recent 13Fs showed no bold new bets worth copycatting. More 

Samsung UHD 55 (9000 Series): 4K TV Review

Our Samsung UHD 55 review shows a $4,500 Ultra HD TV with style, quality and features, but it’s going up against sub $1,000 4K TVs from China. More 

AMZN Stock – 5 Reasons Amazon Is in Deep Trouble

AMZN stock is down 20% so far in 2014, and Amazon could move even lower thanks to pressure on hardware, AWS and its Amazon Prime businesses. More 

CBS to Create Original Shows for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime

CBS is planning on creating original TV shows for digital video channels including Netflix (NFLX), Hulu and Amazon Prime (AMZN). More 

Back-to-School: 6 Money-Saving Tech Tips for College Students

From Skype for free long-distance calls to an iMac as an entertainment center, here are 6 back-to-school tech tips to help college students save money More 

Arrested Development Season 5 IS Coming to Netflix

Netflix has announced that the company is positive a fifth season of Arrested Development coming to the streaming service. More