Options Education

Set Your Options Targets Correctly

How we arrive at an option's target may surprise you, and one of the "Greeks" may become more important as the Fed shifts gears. More 

Need Income? You Need Covered Calls

This conservative options strategy generates a steady flow of cash in stocks you want to hold. More 

Can’t Afford High-Flying Stocks? Try Options

The rampaging stock market is leaving many investors simply priced out of high-flying stocks. Thankfully, options can get them back in the game. More 

June or July Options Expiration?

It's time to start looking at July options, with a few exceptions. More 

Make Google Pay You a 4% Dividend

Selling out-of-the-money calls in stocks you already hold is a strong, repeatable way to get an inflow of cash several times a year. More 

Options 101: Use Volatility to Your Advantage

Volatility doesn't necessarily always mean downside--though if you're not careful, it can. Learn about how to manage volatility in your options trading. More 

The Hazards of Stop Losses

We haven't met very many short-term options traders who are successful using stop losses. More