RadioShack Employee Punches Customer Over Sarcasm

A RadioShack employee was arrested after punching a customer in the face due to sarcasm. More 

6 Stocks to Sell in October

Congress missed a midnight deadline to agree on a spending bill, resulting in a partial government shutdown. After the shutdown is resolved, the focus will be on the debt ceiling. In such a volatile political climate, it is amazing how well stocks have reacted to the negative pressures. Perhaps investors are becoming more aware of... More 

Staples, RadioShack Pull Amazon Lockers Out of Stores

Staples and RadioShack have removed Amazon lockers that they put in their stores a year ago. Amazon orders can still be picked up at some 7-Elevens. More 

Merger Mania Takes Over: Tuesday’s IP Market Recap

Merger and buyout news for Verizon, Vodafone, Microsoft and Nokia led the headline news as investors bid up markets broadly to start the fall. More 

3 Things We Learned During Summer Vacation

The fed, housing and some rebounding stocks taught us a few lessons during the past three months. More 

Just Another Merger Monday: Monday’s IP Market Recap

Markets reacted well in early trading to a report showing slower durable goods sales, but gains moved into negative territory by the end of the day. More 

3 Dead Retail Stocks Walking

Sears, Radioshack and Barnes & Noble are 3 retailers in deep trouble, with each having its own problems. Which one looks worse? It's just a matter of degree. More