SPLS – Can Staples Fix Its Sales Problem?

SPLS stock investors weren't satisfied with in-line earnings, as it remains unclear if cost-cutting and online strategies will give sales the needed boost. More 

U.S. Postal Service Setting Up Mini Branches in Staples Stores

The U.S. Postal Service is setting up mini branches inside select Staples stores. The USPS plans to open 82 of these mini branches across the country. More 

Container Store IPO Shows Retailer Still Spry

The Container Store IPO today made it look more like a dot-com high-flier than a 35-year old retailer. Shares of TCS doubled during the debut. More 

The Container Store Leads a Hot IPO Week

Last week was lackluster, but investors have nine hot IPO options this week, including The Container Store and a hot Chinese Internet spin-off. More 

3 Retail Stocks With Surprising Revivals

Retail stocks RadioShack (RSH), Sears (SHLD) and Staples (SPLS) have been revived during the year ... but it's questionable just what investors see in them. More 

Staples to Price-Match Amazon in Stores and Online

Staples is looking to overtake Amazon as the top online retailer in the U.S. by matching the company's prices. More 

Staples, RadioShack Pull Amazon Lockers Out of Stores

Staples and RadioShack have removed Amazon lockers that they put in their stores a year ago. Amazon orders can still be picked up at some 7-Elevens. More