Trade of the Day: U.S. Steel (X)

We're at a point at which it's smart to include some positions that will profit if things fall apart, as the near-term picture looks grim. As such, today I’m recommending a bearish option play. Read Article

The Netflix Stock Rally Has Finally Stalled – Here’s How to Profit

Netflix stock seems to have found a trading range. Here's how to grab some profit from a stagnant NFLX. Read Article

Trade of the Day: The Force is Strong With EA Stock

Electronic Arts Inc. offers excellent value in the short to long term. Read Article

3 Brain Hacks for Better Trading

Why do we say yes to one trade and no to another, or remember losses more big wins? Emotion. Here's how to manage the trading problem Read Article

IBB: Another Biotech Bloodbath Beckons

Biotech stocks are poised for another downturn. Profit with this IBB stock put spread. Read Article

Michael Kors Holdings Ltd: Get Cozy With KORS Stock

Following OK earnings and decent fundamental and technical support, Michael Kors stock is a better buy for income-generating trades. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Hilton (HLT)

Another reason I like Hilton is that there is the possibility of a Hilton REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) spinoff. Read Article

How to Trade the AAPL Stock Drop

The weakness in AAPL stock is transitory. Exploit the opportunity with AAPL bull put spreads. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Target Likely to Miss Its Mark

A high-volume sell-off in Target Corporation could make short sellers big profits. Read Article

2 Trades to Consider Ahead of the Cisco Systems Report (CSCO)

Cisco is preparing to report earnings, and CSCO stock is on track for solid technical momentum. Read Article

Cisco Systems Earnings Preview: 2 Trades for CSCO Stock

Cisco earnings expected to arrive in line, but stagnation on growth could send CSCO stock sinking lower. Read Article

McDonald’s Corporation: Should You Still Be Lovin’ MCD Stock?

McDonald's has had a great run, but all-day breakfast won't drive MCD stock forever. Get bearish on MCD and its rich valuations. Read Article

US Oil Fund ETF: Profit in Either Direction Using a Long Strangle

Take the driver’s seat directionally and profit from either a large up or down move in USO with a long strangle. Read Article

Trade of the Day: General Electric (GE)

General Electric is attractive because it pays a consistent, strong dividend and has plenty of liquidity. Read Article

Trade of the Day: PG Stock Set to Plunge Again

A rally in Procter & Gamble Co failed at a major resistance line. Read Article

The AMBA Stock Bottoming Bid Begins

AMBA stock has suffered mass liquidation in recent months, but things are changing. Heed the bottoming signals and sell AMBA put spreads. Read Article

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc: Is VRX FINALLY Hitting Bottom?

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc share remain volatile, but VRX stock appears to have found some sort of floor. Here's how to trade it. Read Article

General Motors Company: Join the Bears and Short GM Stock

Don't chase General Motors Company any higher from here. Get on board with the contrarians and short GM stock. Read Article

3 Naked Put Plays for Big Income on Pricey Stocks

Naked puts are a great way to make money from expensive stocks or to hedge a long position. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Xerox (XRX)

Xerox is worth much more than the current price, so this presents a good bullish opportunity. Read Article