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7 Companies Paying Their CEOs More Than the Taxman

They made more in 2011 than their companies paid in federal income tax

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#1: Ford

  • CEO: Alan Mulally
  • Global profits: $20.2 billion
  • Corporate income tax: -$4 million
  • CEO pay: $29.5 million
  • Stock change: -37.62%

Alan Mulally
Alan Mulally’s compensation is extravagant against most standards, but he can claim, with some level of support from facts, that he saved Ford (NYSE:F) from a fate similar to that of Chrysler and GM. Ford was the only one of The Big Three that did not go into government supported Chapter 11. Mulally had the foresight to borrow enough capital to take Ford through the recession. He also presided over the retooling of many of Ford’s products, most of which were successes. If Mulally’s predecessor William Clay Ford had stayed on as CEO, Ford would most likely not have been so fortunate. Mulally has had two years of extraordinary rewards. His compensation in 2010 was over $26 million.

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