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3 Health Care Provider Stocks to Buy Now

DVA, AGP, HWAY improve in weekly rankings


Three Health Care Provider stocks are moving up in their overall rating this week, according to the Portfolio Grader database. Every one of these is graded an “A” (“strong buy”) or “B” overall (“buy”).

DaVita (NYSE:DVA) is progressing from last week’s rating of B (“buy”) as the company improves to an A (“strong buy”) this week. DaVita operates kidney dialysis centers in the United States. In Portfolio Grader’s specific subcategory of Equity, DVA also gets an A. The stock price has risen 6.1% over the past month, better than the 2.7% increase the S&P 500 has seen over the same period of time. For more information, get Portfolio Grader’s complete analysis of DVA stock.

Amerigroup‘s (NYSE:AGP) ratings are looking better this week, moving up to an A from last week’s B. Amerigroup focuses on serving people, who receive healthcare benefits through publicly funded health care programs, including Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicaid expansion programs, and Medicare Advantage. For more information, get Portfolio Grader’s complete analysis of AGP stock.

Healthways (NASDAQ:HWAY) is making progress this week as its rating of C (“hold”) from last week increases to a B (“buy”) rating this week. Healthways provides specialized, comprehensive diabetes and cardiac disease management services to physicians, health plans, and hospitals. Investors seem to agree with the upgraded status of the stock, and have pushed the stock up 11.6% over the past month. For more information, get Portfolio Grader’s complete analysis of HWAY stock.

Louis Navellier’s proprietary Portfolio Grader stock ranking system assesses roughly 5,000 companies every week based on a number of fundamental and quantitative measures. Stocks are given a letter grade based on their results — with A being “strong buy,” and F being “strong sell.” Explore the tool here.

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