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Wednesday Apple Rumors: iOS 7 Gets Anti-Theft ‘Kill Switch’

iPhone and iPad thefts are driving a crimewave nationwide

daily apple rumors AAPLHere are your Apple rumors and AAPL news items for today:

Security: Apple (AAPL) will introduce a new feature in its upcoming operating system to combat rising smartphone and tablet thefts, CNN notes. The updated iOS 7, whose interface was extensively overhauled by lead Apple designer Jony Ive, will include Activation Lock, which requires users to enter both an Apple ID and password in order to disable the device’s Find My iPhone feature. Without the ID and password, holders of stolen devices won’t be able to stop Apple from tracking the devices. They also won’t be able to erase user data stored on the device, reducing its black market resale value. The ID and password will also be required to re-active an iOS device whose data has been remotely erased. An Apple executive called the new feature a “really powerful theft deterrent” when it was introduced at this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference. A rising tide of mobile device thefts has garnered the attention of public officials over the past year. Those officials have begun to pressure smartphone and tablet makers to integrate some sort of “kill switch” technology into their devices to cut down on the trend. Apple device thefts have become so common, police refer to the activity as “apple picking.”

Apple (AAPL) Conference Disappoints Investors
Apple (AAPL) Conference Disappoints Investors

Showing Soon: Hollywood’s take on the life of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will hit theaters nationwide on August 16, according to TheWrap. The film, which stars Ashton Kutcher in the title role, had been scheduled to open on April 19. However, distributors pushed back the opening date in order to give the film a better shot against spring and summer blockbusters. In addition to Kutcher, Jobs stars Matthew Modine, James Woods, Dermot Mulrooney and Josh Gad.

Replace Only: The brand new 13-inch MacBook Air unveiled at this week’s WWDC has received a low rating on repair-ability and upgrade-ability from iFixit, CNET notes. The ultra-slim notebook uses Apple-specific screws, requiring special tools to open. RAM modules are physically attached to the logic board, making them almost impossible to replace. On its repair-ability scale, iFixit gave the new MacBook Air a score of 4 out of 10. iFixit noted that the notebook’s “biggest detractor” was the inability of users to upgrade it.

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