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Technology has changed the world for the better and consists of using scientific and technical knowledge to create improvements and efficiencies in products or services. People interact with technology every day, such as by sending a text on an Apple iPhone or by taking a ride in a Toyota Corolla. As one of the largest sectors in the world, technology helps create innovative and useful inventions for the betterment of society.

Recent Technology Stocks Articles

Chip, Dip, and Rebound Whip: Why Nvidia’s Lower Share Price Is a Buying Opportunity

Nvidia has made itself both the dominant chip supplier and the operating system for the new AI stacks being built by the Cloud Czars.

Ticking Time Bombs: 3 Tech Stocks to Dump Before the Damage Is Done

But with the entire market selling off sharply, these stocks will drop sharply as investors flee to the real, or perceived, safety of other equities or asset classes.  

NVDA Stock Alert: French Authorities Raid Nvidia’s Office

Nvidia has been targeted by French authorities in a raid over possible anti-competitive practices. However, NVDA stock is up despite this.

GCT Stock Alert: Culper Research Takes Aim at GigaCloud in Short Report

GigaCloud Technology stock is on the move Friday after shares of GCT were called out in a short report from Culper Research.

3 Stocks Gearing Up for an E-Commerce Liftoff

E-commerce is in the beginning stages of a rebound. Here are three stocks to buy to exploit the trend, which is gaining momentum.

Why Is Glimpse (VRAR) Stock Down 43% Today?

Glimpse in the news Friday following the release of a mixed earnings report and plans to change focus. This has VRAR stock down today!

GOOG Stock Outlook: Why Alphabet Is Still a ‘Magnificent’ Buy

Antitrust and interest rate worries are driving GOOG stock lower, but whether on strength or weakness, consider it a buy.

Caution! Qualcomm Stock Isn’t Out of the Woods Just Yet.

The mobile chip maker has announced some promising news lately, but key issues with QCOM stock have not fully gone away.

Don’t Lose Hope as AMD CEO Sells Shares. Here’s Why.

AMD stock could still make a run for its prior peak price as Advanced Micro Devices continues to release next-generation tech components.

Don’t Miss the Boom: 7 Blue-Chip Stocks Set to Explode Higher

Fortify your portfolio with the best blue-chip stocks to buy offering tremendous long-term upside potential for investors

3 Big Data Stocks to Prosper in the ‘Intelligence Economy’

Consequently, this paints a golden tableau for savvy investors. It's not just the sheer volume but the inherent value of data that matters.

Don’t Miss the Boom: 3 Gaming Stocks Set to Explode Higher

Gaming stocks in 2023 have been all over the map. Here are three growing but not necessarily feeling the love from investors. 

Ticking Time Bombs: 3 Cathie Wood Stocks to Dump Before the Damage Is Done

With a continued focus on disruptive technologies and start-up firms, Wood's holdings tend to be of stocks that, while high growth, are also unprofitable and unpredictable.

What to Note in the AI Megatrend

TradeSmith CEO Keith Kaplan joins us for a special guest issue.

Can Ryan Cohen Save GameStop (GME) Stock as CEO?

Shares of GME stock are in the spotlight after GameStop appointed Ryan Cohen as CEO, President, and Chairman, effective immediately.

PTON Stock Alert: Can Lululemon Save Peloton?

Peloton (PTON) and lululemon (LULU) will market each other's offerings to their customers. PTON stock is climbing on the news. 

META Stock Alert: 9 Takeaways From Meta Connect 2023

Meta Platforms stock is a hot topic among traders on Thursday following updates from the company's Meta Connect 2023 event.

GME Stock Alert: Ryan Cohen Is Taking Over as GameStop CEO

Small investors still holding GME stock hope the man who led them into the name can turn the game retailer around.

Titanic Turnarounds: 3 Stocks Bouncing Back Stronger than Ever

In the world of technology, some stocks shine brighter than others, even amidst challenges and uncertainties.