How Time Warner Customers Are Getting Around CBS Blackout

CBS blocks Time Warner IP addresses from viewing content on its site

By William White, InvestorPlace Writer

Retro TVTime Warner Cable (TWC) customers are finding other ways to watch CBS (CBS) content.

Since the blackout of CBS content to Time Warner customers started on Aug. 2, customers have been using various methods to view the content. Subcribers in New York can sign up for a month-long free trial of Aereo, a service that transmits CBS signals to computers and mobile devices. Customers can also buy and hook up a digital antenna to view CBS content. One subscriber planned to watch the Green Bay Packers’ first preseason game on a Spanish-language network with the volume down, and would listen to a play-by-play on the radio. One thing Time Warner subscribers can’t do is view the content on CBS’ website. CBS has blocked IP addresses that use Time Warner internet from viewing content on its website, reports the Associated Press.

“We don’t want TV-watching to be a complicated activity,” Daryl Balod, whose family lives in the Dallas suburb of Colleyville, told the Associated Press. “We don’t want to see if we can find it streaming from somebody else or hooking up a computer or anything like that. We just want to use our remote control.”

CBS wants to double the fee it charges Time Warner to carry its channels, but Time Warner is refusing to pay the new price.

TWC shares had decreased over 1% as of Monday afternoon.

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