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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Defends Vogue Photo Shoot

She says she doesn't read her own press coverage


Marissa MayerA magazine profile has put Yahoo‘s (YHOO) chief executive on the hot seat.

Marissa Mayer was confronted with the issue during an interview with Charlie Rose, who pointed to a photo spread that ran in Vogue, showing the Internet pioneer’s CEO upside down on a chaise lounge. Mayer interrupted Rose to point out the photo wasn’t on Vogue‘s cover and insisted that it was “a nice photo,” CNNMoney notes.

Yahoo’s Mayer First Woman to Top Fortune’s 40 Under 40
Yahoo’s Mayer First Woman to Top Fortune’s 40 Under 40

Mayer has faced considerable criticism over the photo spread and the article, discussing Mayer’s clothing choices as CEO, that ran alongside it. But she said she doesn’t read articles written about herself. “I know who I am, I know what I like, and I have a clear view of what I want Yahoo to be,” she added.

She told Rose that the poses in the photos were suggested by the photographer after an initial round of pictures were deemed to staid. “He told me not to worry,” she said.

Mayer was tapped to lead the struggling Internet search engine and web portal company last year. She has moved to increase the company’s offerings in the mobile content market.

Though, signs of a turnaround at Yahoo haven’t really surfaced yet, Wall Street seems willing to give Mayer more time to change the company’s fortunes.

Despite the continued buzz about Mayer’s photo shoot, shares of Yahoo surged more than 4% in Thursday mid-day trading.

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