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Thursday Apple Rumors: Apple to Launch Multiple iPhones Each Year

Recent device launches signal a change in strategy


daily apple rumors AAPLHere are your Apple rumors and AAPL news items for today:

Change: The unveiling of Apple’s (AAPL) latest iPhone has become an annual media spectacle, but the company could soon be holding more than one iPhone debut each year, AppleInsider notes. That forecast comes from Morgan Stanley (MS) analyst Katy Huberty, who says that this year’s twin launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c heralds a shift in its device launch plans for future years. Huberty recently met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer and those discussions led her to predict that Apple will move to “multiple refreshes per year” for its iPhones and iPads. More frequent device updates would upset the upgrade cycle that many users have become used to, but would allow the company to generate headlines and better compete with rivals which introduce new devices every few months. Additionally, a number of wireless carriers, including T-Mobile (TMUS) and AT&T (T), have recently introduced plans that allow subscribers to upgrade their devices more than once a year.

Apple’s Newest iPad is Least Expensive To Manufacture – AAPL
Apple’s Newest iPad is Least Expensive To Manufacture – AAPL

On Top: According to Forbes, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world again this year. This marks the third consecutive year that the iPad-maker has headed the list. The magazine estimates the Apple brand to be worth $104.3 billion, a 20% rise over last year. By contrast, second-ranked Microsoft‘s (MSFT) brand is estimated to be worth just $56.7 billion, up 4% from the prior year. Apple also topped Coca-Cola (KO), IBM (IBM) and Google (GOOG). Mobile device rival Samsung ranked ninth with a brand value of $29.5 billion.

Repair: Owners who drop their new iPhones may soon be able to take them to the nearest Apple Store to have to screen repaired, 9to5Mac notes. Apple is reportedly readying its store staffs to repair damaged components in its new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Apple has traditionally opted to simply replace iPhones with cracked screens or damaged components. However, the company will now repair a range of iPhone problems, including non-functioning cameras, screens, volume buttons and speakers, if possible, at its stores. Those parts would be replaced without cost for owners who have purchased AppleCare warranties. This who haven’t will face a range of charges including $149 for a new screen and $79 for a new battery.

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