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3 ‘Best of the Best’ Stock Picks for 2014

If you rely on the numbers and care about fundamentals, you'll come out on top more often than not

By Louis Navellier, Editor, Blue Chip Growth

This is the time of year when everyone will be asking all sorts of predictions and providing stock picks for 2014.

best-stocks-etfs-mutual-funds-2013-2014Wall Street will be out with their top 10 stocks to buy and sectors to focus on during the next year, and even InvestorPlace is doing the same.

Although I think the economy is getting better and stocks will do pretty well over the next few months, a year is a long time and making predictions about the market can be a dangerous game. So I’ve found that if just rely on the numbers and keep my portfolio locked and loaded with very best stock picks, I will do well regardless of whatever surprises or shocks we may see in the New Year.

Here are some candidates for some “best of the best” stock picks that should do well and help lead you to a profitable 2014.

‘Best of the Best’ Stock Picks #1: Autobytel (ABTL)

autobytel-abtl-stockAutobytel (ABTL) is an automotive marketing services company that helps dealers find customers through its online referral services. ABTL provides vehicle lead programs, including new vehicle search, which essentially allows you and I to submit requests for things like price and availability of specific makes and models of different automobiles. Autobytel also has a used vehicle lead program that allows people to similarly search for used cars.

Naturally, as consumers want the best deal possible on a big purchase — say … a new car! — demand for Autobytel’s services has been growing dramatically. ABTL stock has posted a triple-digit earnings increase once this year, and has posted two consecutive huge positive earnings surprises. Meanwhile, the Wall Street consensus for 2013 and 2014 earnings has been pushed north in the past couple months.

ABTL stock was upgraded to an “A” in Portfolio Grader back in July, and remains a “strong buy” as we head into the end of the year.

‘Best of the Best’ Stock Picks #2: China Distance Education Holdings (DL)

stock-picks-dl-stockChina Distance Education Holdings (DL) provides education services in China.

For one, China Distance offers online courses that help people learn skills and obtain certifications used for careers in fields such as accounting, healthcare and law. But it also offers online prep courses for students working toward higher education degrees, or studying for exams.

Demand for DL’s services has been strong, as growth in China is producing a middle class that wants to improve its education and career prospects. DL stock recently posted a triple-digit year-over-year earnings increase, and while analyst activity is light, sentiment remains positive.

DL stock was upgraded to an “A” by Portfolio Grader back in April, and like ABTL, China Distance should be considered a “strong buy” as its fundamentals improve.

‘Best of the Best’ Stock Picks #3: Federal Signal (FSS)

stock-picks-fss-stockFederal Signal (FSS) makes everything from fire trucks to street sweepers and is benefiting for pent-up demand for its products.

Municipal spending was curtailed during the recent recession. However, the reality of equipment is that it ages — and eventually, it needs to be replaced. Well, right now we are in the early stages of the replace/upgrade cycle for many of the machines that Federal Signal sells.

Business has been much better than Wall Street anticipated, leading to FSS stock posting three consecutive earnings surprises to the upside.

FSS stock was upgraded by Portfolio Grader back in August, and continued strong growth has this company continuing to look like a “strong buy” at current prices.

Louis Navellier is the editor of Blue Chip Growth.

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