3 Best Netflix TV Shows to Watch When You’re Snowed In

Use the time to catch up on great TV shows on Netflix

Look, we all know how this is going to work: A snowstorm hits; everyone’s stuck at home; you’ve got a Netflix (NFLX) subscription and nothing but time.

netflix nflx stockThat calls for for some binge watching.

Sure, you could sit down and have a marathon session of Oscar-winning movies or maybe some romance flicks to get you in the Valentine’s Day mood. But you can squeeze in a two-hour movie whenever you need to. We’re basically talking about a five-day weekend, here. You’ve officially ran out of excuses for not watching the best Netflix TV shows.

We all have them: Those TV shows that you keep meaning to catch up on — the ones your friends swear are the best Netflix TV shows — but you never seem to have the time. Well, trust us, you’re going to have the time.

But what to watch? There are so many TV shows on Netflix, you could spend a few hours just scrolling through them. Skip the search and go straight to hitting play: Here are three of the best Netflix TV shows for you to binge watch during the snowstorm.

Best Netflix TV Shows: Sherlock

best-netflix-tv-shows-SherlockThe premise shouldn’t work. The idea of Sherlock Holmes in the modern era is almost as easy to dismiss as the idea of bringing him back in the 22nd Century. It seems impossible.

But, as Holmes himself said, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains … must be the truth.” And the truth is it works. The BBC’s Sherlock is one of the best Netflix TV shows.

Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Holmes every bit as impressive and annoying as he would be in the real world: Capable of remarkable feats of observation and deduction, and not at all above humiliating you with his intelligence. And Martin Freeman’s easily-flustered-but-always-capable Watson counterbalances him marvelously. And while the plot revolves around the mysteries, the relationship between Holmes and Watson is far more compelling.

Not only is Sherlock one of the best Netflix TV shows, it’s also easy to get through. The first two seasons are only three 90-minute episodes long, which will get you caught up in time for the just-released season three to come out on DVD and, eventually, Netflix.

Best TV Shows on Netflix: House of Cards

best-netflix-tv-shows-House-of-CardsHouse of Cards checks off a lot of boxes for Netflix. It’s the first Netflix original series, it won a few Emmy awards, and it’s easily one of the best Netflix TV shows.

Kevin Spacey plays a congressman who sets out with his wife to take revenge on the other political figures who recently betrayed him. And if you’ve seen Spacey in, well, just about anything, it’s easy to imagine how well the role suits him.

There’s a lot to praise about House of Cards. It’s a well-written political thriller. It has a top-notch cast. It has a clever title. But none of those reasons really do justice to the subtleties and compelling pacing of the show.

Watching the whole season of House of Cards is a more ambitious task, with 13 episodes to go through. But you have a very long weekend, and we’re talking about one of the best Netflix TV shows, so we think you’ll be able to manage it.

BONUS: Finish the first season by Friday and you’ll be just in time to start the second season, which releases on Feb. 14.

Best Netflix TV Shows: Mad Men

best-netflix-tv-shows-Mad-MenA one-season show too easy for you? Need even more to stream? Why not try something that’s considered one of the best Netflix TV shows and one of the best TV dramas, full stop. We’re talking about Mad Men.

The first five seasons of Mad Men are available on Netflix, which means you have almost 50 hours of high-quality television to keep you occupied while the snow piles up outside your door (plus Jon Hamm’s smoldering gaze to keep you warm).

Mad Men soars on a variety of strengths. The plot starts at a slow simmer, but gradually pulls you into the raging wildfire of the characters’ lives. The cast is superb, from the stars to the supporting roles to even the smallest appearances. And there’s just something enchanting about being transported back to the charm of the ‘60s, even as the show exposes the historical and personal problems that were eating away at that façade.

Let’s be honest: You’re snowed in. You aren’t going anywhere, and what else are you going to do? Whether its Mad Men, Sherlock, or any of the other greats in the Netflix streaming library, take a break from all the daily fuss and reward yourself with the best Netflix TV shows.

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