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Apple Does the Splits — Morning Linkfest (June 9)

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If you own stock in tech giant Apple (AAPL), you might have noticed some extra shares in your brokerage account. If you don’t know why, don’t get too excited — Apple merely executed its stock split. noticing that you have a bit more shares in your brokerage account this morning. No, don’t get too excited. It’s just because Apple finally went ahead with its plan to spilt its share count 7-fold. In terms of actually metrics, it’s pretty meaningless … or is it? Here’s Craig Allen from the Santa Barbara Noozhawk with a balance look at the Apple stock split and what it could mean for investors.

TechCrunch (Kyle Russell): While everyone is talking about the Apple stock split, it’s really IOS 8 that will drive the show at Apple for the next few years. Get ready for an inclusive digital hub.

America Fruit Online (Gabrielle Easter): While Apple might be cheaper now, apples — you know, the ones you eat — might not be anytime soon. Despite record crops, there’s a labor shortage afoot.

New York Times (Paul Sullivan): The rising price of apples might be the reason investors are holding so much cash. OK, not really, but we might be holding too much cash in our accounts

Pragmatic Capitalism (Cullen Roche): … Especially considering that there’s low global inflation and the reserve banks will keep the money train following for quite a while. (Gavyn Davies): But that cash level might be justified. Is the world’s economy ever going to be all right following the Great Recession?

Bloomberg View (Mark Gilbert): Bond yields certainly aren’t providing any answers to our economic fate.

Wall Street Journal (Paul Ziobro): However, things are pretty good if you’re a corporate raider. Icahn visits Family Dollar (FDO) … but and I don’t think he’s buying gummy worms or knickknacks.

Quartz (Matt Phillips): Did you miss the glut of economic data that came out this past week? Nine charts to get you through.

Grantland (Mike L. Goodman): If all the doom, gloom and strangeness about the global economy has you worried- watch some soccer. Here’s your guide to figuring out just what a red card or vuvuzela is.

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