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Oh My Shrinking Paycheck! – Morning Linkfest (June 27)

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Do you feel that squeeze in the pit of your wallet? That would be inflation, and for the first time since the Great Recession it’s “officially” becoming a big deal. Prices have risen to the highest points since 2009 and are now near the Fed’s critical 2% mark. You know, the mark at which Yellen & Co. have pledged to begin raising interest rates and such. Queue the hawks. However, there might be reason not for investors to worry just yet. Wage growth is still nonexistent, after all. Here’s Tim Duy at Fed Watch with some info to calm your nerves.

AOL (Sarah Coles): Wages aren’t growing, but the Men’s Underwear Index (MUI) — yes that’s a real thing — is rising rapidly. A look at weird inflation indicators.

Money (Paul J. Lim): At the end of the day, the rising inflation number does put Yellen in a bit of a sticky situation. Maybe the Fed is better off being less transparent.

The Telegraph (AFP): Hey, at least we aren’t alone in dealing with inflation minus real economic/wage growth. Japan is finally inflating. Thanks Abe!

Bloomberg (Ben Steverman): Want to skip dealing with inflation? You’d have to skip a lot of everyday stuff, too.

AlphaBaskets (Roger Nusbaum): Or you could buy gold to deal with the inflation. One very prominent bond manager is starting to like the yellow metal.

The Wall Street Journal (Takashi Mochizuki & Eleanor Warnock): No matter how worried you are about inflation, you probably shouldn’t buy any bit coins. Even if you could find the missing ones.

The New York Times’ DealBook (Neil Gough): Don’t buy commodities in China, either. The market is flooded with bogus loans tied to non-existent copper and aluminum holdings.

SFGate (Benny Evangelista): It’s not just about selling cameras at recent IPO superstar GoPro (GPRO). They want to be THE extreme sports media provider.

Verge (Cassandra Khaw): Get ready to be your own bionic man. The FDA clears ReWalk for sale to those who have spinal injuries.

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