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Thursday Apple Rumors: Next iPhone May Have Haptic Feedback

Pixelworks may be working on the Apple TV


Here are your Apple rumors and AAPL news items for today:

aapl-appleFeedback: A new rumors coming from China claims that the newest version of Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone will include haptic feedback, AppleInsider notes. The new device will supposedly allow users to touch and feel objects on certain parts of the screen through vibrations. The new motor that would be used to cause these vibrations is rumored to cost anywhere from two to three times as much as the one found in the iPhone 5s.

TV: A new rumor from Bidness Etc claim that Pixelworks (PXLW) will work with Apple on the new Apple TV. The new device is expected to be revealed in the next few months. This rumors seems to gain support from Bruce Walicek, CEO of Pixelworks, saying that the company is currently working on developing a high-tech display. Pixelworks’ increased revenue is also cited as evidence to support the rumor that it’s working with Apple.

Store: Apple has secured the ability to trademark the layout of its Apple Stores in Europe. The ruling that the tech giant could trademark its store design came from the European Court of Justice, reports The Wall Street Journal. The court ruled that the layout of the stores met with the criteria needed to apply for a trademark. This included having a layout that distinguishes it from other companies, being able to be represented in a graphic and that it constitutes a sign. This means that Apple can use its layout in Europe without having to worry about other companies copying it.

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