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Is a Biotech Bubble Really Brewing? – Linkfest (July 22)

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I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the market is getting a tad bit frothy. And according to Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen, two sectors — small caps and biotech stocks — are the frothiest of them all. Except … they’re not. Market commentators have taken Ms. Yellen to school recently over her comments — which managed to send both sectors crashing. Since when does the Fed give investment advice? Here’s Gavyn Davies at the Financial Times with more.

The Wall Street Journal’s Money Beat (Steven Russolillo): Biotechs overvalued? Duh! They’re always expensive.

Forbes (Agustino Fontevecchia): The drop in biotech prices hasn’t hurt everyone. Meet Italy’s new biotech billionaire.

The Motley Fool (Brian Orelli): So should you really heed the Fed’s advice and shun biotech stocks?

Bronte Capital Blog (John Hempton): The Allergan (AGN) vs. Valeant (VRX) biotech battle keeps heating up.

Greentech Media (Nicole Litvak): Speaking of high-growth sectors … who is actually paying for all those residential solar installation cropping up across America?

Christian Science Monitor (Eva Botkin-Kowacki): Offshore wind farms are a buffet for seals. No need for reservations.

Business Insider (Mamta Badkar): Those wind farms can be expensive. Just ask China. Its debt-to-GDP ratio has exploded.

Bloomberg View (Kavitha A. Davidson): A novel idea: All sports Refs should wear GoPro (GPRO) cameras. Think of the replays!

Quartz (Megan Garber): Forget sand. This beach is covered in Legos. Even some hard-to-find ones.

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