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FB News: Angry Mob Kills Woman, 2 Girls Over Facebook Post

The post wasn't made by the woman or either of the two girls


A Pakistani mob killed a woman and her two granddaughters after a member of her religious sect was accused of making a blasphemous post on Facebook (FB).

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The three killed by the angry mob were members of the Ahmadis religious sect. Ahmadis consider themselves Muslims, but aren’t legally recognized as such. The group believes in a prophet after Mohammad and their views are often seen as blasphemous by members of the Muslim religion, reports Reuters.

A group of some 150 Pakistanis went to police to complain about the Facebook post. While this was happening, a second group started setting fire to houses owned by Ahmadis. This is what caused the death of the woman and two children. The man that allegedly made the Facebook post wasn’t harmed, Reuters notes.

Saleem ud-Din a spokesman for Jaamat-e-Ahmadiya, which represents roughly 700,000 Ahmadis in Pakistan claims that the Facebook post wasn’t actually put up by the Ahmadis in question. He claims that the post that sparked the outrage was shared to the man’s wall on the social media website, but that he didn’t actually post it, reports NBC News.

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