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What the Tragic Turn of Events Means for Markets – Morning Linkfest (July 18)

Just when the tensions in Russia and the Ukraine were beginning to cool down, the heat turned up in a big way. Yesterday, Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over the Ukraine by a surface-to-air missile. The kicker is that no one really knows whether or not it was the Russians, Ukrainians or Ukrainian rebels. The events are certainly an even more tragic twist in the state of affairs in the region. Here’s Leonid Bershidsky at Bloomberg View with solemn look at the MH17 and the events in Russia and Ukraine.

CNN Money (Ben Rooney): The MH17 news could be the pin popping the bubble. The market is back into “risk-off” mode.

A Wealth Of Common Sense Blog (Ben Carlson:): Corrections happen due to random events — like when a plane crashes. Timing them is almost impossible.

Humble Student of the Markets (Cam Hui): Will recent events result in an opportunity to buy some stock at cheap prices?

The Wall Street Journal (Andrey Ostroukh): And nothing is cheaper than Russian stocks at the current moment. The MICEX has plummeted.

BeyondBRICs Blog (Dan Gallucci): Coups and craziness can turn out for the best — just ask consumers in Thailand. Times are-a-booming.

Novel Investor (Jon): Don’t forget that ETFs can and do close. But don’t freak out about the process. (Larry Swedroe): ETFs are great … until you trade them like mad.

Tech Crunch (Josh Constine): Get ready to pay less on your car insurance. Pay-per-mile schemes are beginning to take shape. All you have to do is be tracked via a gizmo. (Michael Silverberg): Want to get a job? Follow this resume and cover letter advice — from Leonardo da Vinci.

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