I Catch the Rains Down in Africa – Linkfest (Aug 6)

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While we’ve been focusing on stock market corrections, over-priced assets and the upcoming “doom-n-gloom”, Africa has quietly stepped into the spotlight. The continent is quickly becoming a premier investment destination for governments and businesses alike. From China to Brazil and now the U.S., Africa is being billed as the next great economic story. The land scramble is amazing. Here’s the Washington Post’s Ishaan Tharoor with more on Africa.

Reuters (David Dolan): Just how big is Africa going to be? Haircare is already a multibillion industry.

Beyond BRICS (Sara Menker): Don’t forget Africa’s agriculture potential. It’s awash in farmland.

The Energy Collective (Jim Patrick): Oil? Natural gas? Oh yeah, Africa has that too. Like, Eagle Ford-sized amounts of both.

Bloomberg (Eric Balchunas):  So how do you invest in Africa? With an ETF of course. And there’s really only one worth your time.

ETF.com (Dave Nadig): Speaking of ETFs, currency-hedging single stocks are coming to ETF land.

Crossing Wall Street (Eddy Elfenbein): Tech is beating old-school industrials. Are we still in growth mode?

SFGate.com (Staff): Comic book geeks are good for earnings. Disney (DIS) kills it with Marvel superheroes.

Pension Partners (Charlie Bilello): Don’t be overweight U.S. stocks at this point. Seriously.

Money & Banking (Cecchetti & Schoenholtz): What will happen to rappers’ “fat stacks” now? Paper currency is outliving its usefulness.

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