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Back-to-School: 6 Money-Saving Tech Tips for College Students

Technology costs money, but it can save you money too

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Money-Saving Tech Tips for College Students #2: PC Entertainment System

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Source: Apple

If you’re going to college, you’re going to need a PC. And while many back-to-school tips lists will suggest something like a Chromebook as a cost-saving alternative to a Windows PC, there’s another route you could take: spend a little more instead of looking for a bargain.

If that seems like the opposite of a money-saving tip, here’s the reasoning behind it.

When they move to their dorms or apartments, college students often end up bringing a bunch of electronics with them, including a PC, stereo, video game console, and a TV.

Investing in a quality all-in-one PC with a big screen, like Apple’s (AAPL) 27-inch iMac can let your replace all of those devices with a single unit. The computer becomes home entertainment central.

Going this route can not only save money, but it will save a lot of space too — another commodity that’s often in short supply for college students.

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