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30% of Americans Are Wrecking Their Own Retirement – Linkfest (Aug 11)

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Perhaps the biggest “thing” you can saving your hard-earned dollars for is retirement — being able to sit back, relax on a beach somewhere drinking Mai Tais. Unfortunately, that dream of spending our golden years in leisure is becoming harder to attain for many Americans. That’s because nearly a third of us have zero retirement savings of any kind. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Here’s Melanie Hicken at CNN Money with more of the Federal Reserve’s latest shocking study on Americans’ retirement readiness.

AdvisorShares Blog (Roger Nusbaum): A key to retirement is having goals, or at least a loose idea of where you want to be.

Investment News (Jerry Schlichter): Maybe the problem isn’t the people, but the vehicle used for retirement savings. The 401k needs an overhaul.

Market Watch (Richard Harris): New Zealand has this whole retirement thing figured out .

Morningstar (John Rekenthaler): Want to beef those retirement savings? Index funds are the new core.

Pragmatic Capitalism (Cullen Roche): Active management isn’t always that bad, though. There can be a place for it in your retirement funds … to a point.  

The Washington Post (Barry Ritholtz): Long-term retirement investors always win. It all comes down to taxes.

Beyond BRICS (Avantika Chilko): Slumdog eBay (EBAY) millionaire? The site is giving life to India’s poorest ghettos.

TechCrunch (Alex Wilhelm): Wait, didn’t we just get Windows 8? Microsoft (MSFT) preps for its new operating system. (AC Shilton): You can go back to PBR. The hipsters are finally done drinking it.

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