VIDEOS: Sneak Peek at 5 Super Bowl Commercials Making Buzz for 2015

Are you excited to see this year’s Super Bowl commercials?

Super Bowl Commercials

The Seattle Seahawks defending the Vince Lombardi Trophy is the main event on Feb. 1. However, it’s the whimsical ads that give the Super Bowl experience a light atmosphere.

The game is only nine days away and there are a number of commercials already making a buzz. The ads are a spectacle themselves as companies pay $4.5 million for a thirty-second spot.

From a Bud Light Pac-Man ad to a trash talking llama, we have compiled five Super Bowl commercials to check out this year.

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Super Bowl Commercials: Bud Light

Super Bowl Commercials

Bud Light’s Super Bowl ad is perfect for old school gamers.

A man at a bar grabs a Bud Light and the bartender asks him if he’s up for anything. He says yes and he find a giant coin on the sidewalk which he uses to access a human-sized Pac-Man game.

He plays the traditional game where he avoids ghosts and eats dots as he runs through a maze. The man manages to eat every dot and claims his prize–a bottle of Bud Light.

Check it out:

Super Bowl Commercials: Carl’s Jr.

Super Bowl Commercials

Carl’s Jr. is using a supermodel to promote the company’s new burger.

Charlotte McKinney stars in this ad full of innuendos wearing a bikini top and shorts. The model struts down a farmer’s market and takes a bite off a Carl’s Jr. burger at the end.

The chain is introducing its “fast food’s first All-Natural Burger with grass-fed, free-range beef that has no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics,” according to the video’s description.

Check it out:

Super Bowl Commercials: Victoria’s Secret

Super Bowl CommercialsVictoria’s Secret supermodels star in this grueling ad.

The Angels play an intense game of football marked by dramatic camera angles and slow-mo shots of the models battling for victory. “Don’t drop the ball,” reads a shot at the end.

The company is airing the ad ahead of February 14 and reminding us that it’s not Valentine’s Day without Victoria’s Secret.

Check out the brand’s Angels in action:

Super Bowl Commercials: Snickers

Super Bowl Commercials

Snickers tabbed Danny Trejo for a bizarre ad.

The seasoned actor stars as Marcia Brady in this commercial–part of the company’s ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign. Trejo is brushing his hair when his mother, Carol Brady, calls on him.

“Marcia,” yells Florence Henderson as Trejo grooms his dainty appearance. “Shut up, mom!” yells the actor as he begins to brush his hair again.

Watch the Machete star’s Super Bowl ad here:

Super Bowl Commercials: Neff Headwear

Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl commercials aren’t complete without an ad that includes the game’s stars.

Richard Sherman stars in this fake press conference for a Neff Headwear commercial. As Sherman tells a journalist how ready the Seahawks are for the game, Spartacus the Llama interrupts him.

The llama goes off on a rant full of expletives, talking trash about Brady, Belichick and other Patriots players. “I’m just getting you ready for Brady,” says Spartacus the Llama.

Take a look:

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