Scientists: Mini Ice Age Coming by 2030

It’s possible that the Earth may hit a mini ice age by 2030.


A new theory from Northumbria University Professor Valentina Zharkova claims that the Earth may have a mini ice age due to a lack of sunspots. A point where there is a lack of sunspots is called “Maunder Minimum” and the last one occurred from 1645 to 1715, reports The Register.

Zharkova’s theory claims that there will be a lack in sunspot activity due to two different layers of magnetic waves not being near each other. Instead, the will peak away from each other and it will be disruptive to the creation of sunspots. It’s possible that this mini ice age could affect climate change debates, The Register notes.

During the last Maunder Minimum, the River Thames in England froze up. It remained frozen over for two months at one point and there were fairs held on it, reports Wired.

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