Infographic: What a Big Mac Does to Your Body has posted an infographic that describes what the body goes through after eating a Big Mac from McDonald’s (MCD) online. The infographic breaks the process down into five parts.

big-mac-mcdHere’s what happens after after a person eats a McDonald’s Big Mac.

  • 10 Minutes — During this time, the high-calorie burger activates the brain’s reward system and pleasure sensors.
  • 20 Minutes — The addictive sugars found in the Big Mac buns has the consumer craving for more.
  • 30 Minutes — High amounts of sodium are released into the body and trick it into believing it’s hungry again.
  • 40 Minutes — The Big Mac causes a surge of insulin and reduces glucose levels, which makes a person feel hungry again.
  • 60 Minutes — The grease in the burger can cause it to take up to three days to digest and trans fats can take even longer to get out of a person’s system.

To see more about what happens to the body after eating a Big Mac, including the full infographic, click here.

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