Alaska Airlines to Stick With Frequent Flier Miles


Alaska Airlines (NYSE:ALK) is an airline that is keeping its reward program the way it is.

Alaska AirlinesAt a time where several airlines are downsizing their rewards programs, offering less frequent flier miles for long, expensive flights, Alaska Airlines is sticking to its guns.

For example, a flight from Newark to Seattle on the airline will earn you 2,394 frequent flier miles, even if you only paid $100 for a one-way fare. United Airlines only offers five miles per dollar spent, so that same flight would only net you 500 miles.

As Alaska’s competitors change their rewards programs, Alaska executives said they won’t do this at an investment conference last week. However, the airline may eventually follow suit.

“We’re sticking with the traditional model,” CFO Brandon Pedersen said at the JPMorgan Aviation, Transportation & Industrials Conference. “It gives us an opportunity to look at how we perform versus how others perform. And we wouldn’t say that we would never go to that, certainly.”

ALK stock is down 1.21% Monday.

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