Wendy’s Offers Man Free Chicken Nuggets for a Year If …

Wendys Co (NASDAQ:WEN) gave a man on Twitter the deal of a lifetime.

Wendy'sCarter Wilkerson is a self-proclaimed chicken nuggets and taco aficionado (according to his Twitter tag) and he wanted to test the waters with one of the world’s top fast food chains.

The man tweeted at Wendy’s and asked the company how many retweets he would need in order to get a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets. The company was not expecting much to happen when it answered, but it still set lofty goals at 18 million.

Wilkerson said “consider it done,” and got out to Twitter to see how many retweets he could get. The move began earlier this week and his tweet has already garnered more than one million retweets.

Getting to 18 million will be quite difficult as no one has gotten more than 3.2 million, and that was Ellen DeGeneres during the Academy Awards actors’ selfie of a few years ago.

Additionally, the man would need nearly 5% of all Twitter users to retweet his desire for chicken nuggets in order to make it. GoFundMe even started a campaign for Wilkerson.

The goal is set at $65,000 due to the fact that companies that offer retweeting services require $62,000 in order to give him that many retweets. It is unclear what the other $3,000 is for.

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