Is DirecTV Refunding NFL Sunday Tickets Over National Anthem Protests?

DirecTV (NASDAQ:DTV) now finds itself in the middle of the drama stirred by the national anthem protests at NFL games.

DirecTVThe company has reportedly begun issuing NFL Sunday Ticket refunds to consumers who were upset over the decision by some NFL players to kneel during the national anthem as a form of protesting the injustices being brought forth by the current administration.

NFL Sunday Ticket usually costs $280 a pop, and DirecTV usually took the money without offering the opportunity to get a refund, but the company has changed its tune due to the criticism some have thrown at the NFL over its players protesting the anthem.

These protests have become a divisive issue due to the fact that some believe that the national anthem should be approached the same way each time by standing and putting your hand on your heart.

Meanwhile, others have supported the NFL’s players decision to protest due to the nature of some of President Trump’s statements following the Charlottesville, Va. fiasco in which a car from an alt-right member rammed into ANTIFA protestors, killing a woman.

The POTUS essentially said that there were bad people from both sides and took a couple of days before he condemned the actions of present-day Nazis in the U.S.

A national survey was conducted surrounding the NFL players’ decision to kneel during the anthem, and 64% of respondents said NFL players should stand during the anthem and be respectful.

About 25% said they disagreed, while 11% were unsure.

DTV stock falls 0.2% Wednesday.

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