Roku Inc (ROKU) Plans Its Own Voice Assistant, Shares Surge

Roku Inc (NASDAQ:ROKU) shares were skyrocketing on Wednesday as the company announced that it would be expanding its offerings in the smart home world.

Source: Roku

The TV streaming device maker said that it would be developing its own voice assistant that will help users to play music, shows and movies in an easy and convenient manner using voice commands. Roku added that it is expanding its licensing program by allowing a company to make smart speakers.

Additionally, the company said it plans on rolling out a new “Roku Entertainment Assistant” as part of an effort to improve the entertainment experience in people’s living rooms. Roku will be making reference designs for soundbars and Wi-Fi-connected speakers, hoping that manufacturers will begin making devices that connect directly to Roku TVs and can control Roku TV applications.

The company added that it will be rolling out the Roku Connect software, which will have a hardware requirement, plus it will allow other manufacturers to build products that connect with the company’s TV-centric system.

The final thing the company said is that it will be able to launch its voice assistant by the fall of 2018, which will be offered as a free software update to existing Roku TVs and streaming media players.

Roku customers can use voice control with a remote or the device’s mobile app to bring in content to a TV screen once it’s already on.

ROKU stock gained 8.3% on Wednesday.

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