REPORT: Amazon Streaming Video Games Service in the Works

This is not the same as the company's Twitch Prime service

An Amazon streaming video games service (NASDAQ:AMZN) is coming in the near future as the e-commerce giant seeks to expands its footprint in the world of digital media.

Amazon Streaming Video Games ServiceThe Washington-based company has already added a TV and movie streaming service, as well as a music streaming service and plenty of smart devices over the last few years. Amazon is continuing to take its role in the media world more seriously by adding its own streaming service for video games.

The realm of digital video games has been growing with no signs of slowing down as most people would rather buy a game directly from their computer or console, rather than have to go to a store and pick it up. The media giant is capitalizing on this trend with the upcoming service, which will be different to its streamed gaming service that it currently has now, which is very limited.

Prime subscribers are currently able to access Twitch Prime, offering users free games every months and some in-game perks. This service is separate from the main Twitch website, which allows people to stream gaming videos online–the company bought Twitch in 2014.

Amazon is reportedly already talking to video game publishers about the possibility of adding their titles to its new service, which is slated to be released sometime in 2020.

AMZN stock fell a fraction of a percentage on Thursday, despite the news.

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