One of Bitcoin’s First Millionaires Issues Controversial Warning

On Monday, September 21, at 4 p.m. ET, Matt McCall will sit down with this bitcoin tycoon to warn the public about an urgent event about to rock the crypto world.

Mon, September 21 at 4:00PM ET


It’s Time to Face the Fact That Hertz Stock Is a Lottery Ticket Now

For a moment in June, Hertz might have had a chance of making a turnaround. As time drags on, however, Hertz stock owners are losing any remaining hope.

There’s No Need to Pull the Trigger on Microsoft Stock Just Yet

The longer term outlook of MSFT stock is bright. But in the near-term, the tech pullback and other risks are likely to pull down the shares.

Overstock Stock is Poised to Ride WFH Wave and Challenge Amazon on the Way

Overstock stock should get a lift from the continuing home-furnishing boom and its entrance into the retail-brokerage market.

Carnival Is Not Going Bankrupt, But Only Risk-Tolerant Investors Should Buy CCL Stock

Cruiselines are still under the pump because of the pandemic. But CCL stock is trading unusually low despite having adequate finances till the end of 2021. If you can stomach a bit of risk, then you should go ahead and initiate a small position in the stock, since FAANGs are trading at exceptional multiples.

Investors Wondering if Ford Stock Is a Value Trap

Is F stock a buying opportunity for savvy investors or a value trap destined to get ever cheaper on the road to bankruptcy?

Several Strong Catalysts Can Take Plug Power Stock Much Higher

Plug Power looks poised to continue to benefit from the e-commerce explosion and the proliferation of hydrogen trucks. Those should 'fuel' PLUG stock gains.

5 Stocks Set To Surge If Congress Passes Second Stimulus

Here are five stocks to buy for investors who want to benefit from potential new economic stimulus measures.

Cost Cuts May Raise American Airlines Safety Concerns as Virus Expenses Rise

With the announcement that American Airlines can use a coronavirus-killing surface coating solution, AAL stock and other airline securities soared. However, investors should be aware of a potential long-term headwind over the horizon.

Inovio Stock Is a Sideshow, Not a Serious Investment

INO stock is putting vaccine news front and center -- in place of strong fundamentals. If you decide to take a chance, be aware -- it's a specuative on

CVS Customers Stock Up as USPS Delays Expose Pharmacy Mail Prescription Risks

Delays in U.S. Postal Service deliveries have exposed the dangers of prescription drug mail order services. Walgreens has reported some delays in home deliveries as CVS allows customers to stock up.

Whiting Petroleum is No Longer a ‘Rational’ Investment

At this point, I can’t add more to the fundamental cautionary tale that is Whiting Petroleum. However, I can explain why some traders love WLL stock and more importantly, why you shouldn’t join them.

FuelCell Energy’s Science is Alluring but That’s Not the Question

On paper, FCEL stock checks off the viable pro-environmental impact list. However, it’s the underlying business proposition that prospective buyers should focus on.

E-commerce Platform RumbleOn Shares Will Likely See $15 Before $30

RumbleOn has recently signed a deal with CarGurus. But it may not be enough to take RMBL stock to new highs.

ACI Stock Weak Start Means Investors Should Stay Away a Year Minimum

ACI stock went nowhere following its IPO, and even after earnings, investors weren't wowed. Albertsons won't likely move for at least a year.

A Leading 5G Stock for Your Portfolio

The case for investing in Swedish 5G leader, Ericsson ... Matt McCall, Neil George, and Eric Fry all agree ... the catalyst that could drive...

Will the Coronavirus Make Zynga Stock Great Again?

Rising coronavirus cases should make Zynga stock great again. However, this narrative is missing a crucial component.

Money Moves for Recent Grads: UT Dallas Professor David M. Cordell

New graduates are entering a market radically reshaped by Covid-19. Here's how to maximize your money when you're fresh out of school.

Did Warren Buffett Contribute to Occidental Pete’s Demise?

For those unfamiliar with Buffett’s relationship with Occidental, his company lent OXY $10 billion last August to help it acquire Anadarko, beating out Chevron (NYSE:CVX) in the process. In hindsight, Chevron’s CEO has got to be ecstatic it lost the fight.

Buy Ericsson Stock on the Dip as Market Volatility Returns

Ericsson is picking up 5G network equipment contracts and that is good for ERIC stock in the long run

Can Luckin Coffee Cheat Its Way to Prosperity?

Due to an accounting scandal, Luckin Coffee never has to worry about making the headlines this year. But that alone isn’t a great reason to buy LK stock.