What Small-Cap Stocks Should You Invest In?

Small caps are where you need to be in order to make big gains. Yes, the large caps are stable. But it’s hard to make huge gains with those kinds of stocks. Matt has been telling viewers to invest in small caps forever, but which should you be focused on? Matt has some ideas to share. And speaking of things that Matt has been preaching, how about this altcoin rally? If you were one of the smart investors who signed up for Ultimate Crypto, you could be up more than 100% right now! But Matt still believes there are opportunities in altcoins as bitcoin nears all-time highs. And not just altcoins… but also SPACs and electric vehicles companies.

Best Online Retailer to Buy Now

It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and holiday shopping is about to start in earnest. Of course, this year will be different because of the COVID-19...

Work-From-Home Stocks to Buy as Market Gets Close to Highs

As the market moves back toward all-time highs, Matt remains as bullish as ever. In fact, he examines some charts and explains why he remains confident that the indices are set for even more breakouts. And speaking of breakouts, bitcoin is once again hitting new highs! But have you been paying attention to Ethereum? All that, plus which work-from-home stocks to watch and avoid, on this episode of MoneyLine.

Investment Questions and Answers with Matt McCall

You’ve sent in your questions via Twitter, and in this new episode of MoneyLine Matt gives you all the answers. Making the right investment decisions can be tough, so if you need guidance Matt is a great person to ask. He tells you everything you need to know about investing and how to profit from the opportunities in today’s stock market environment.

The Electric Vehicle Sector Explained in Depth

Electric vehicles are hot right now, and Matt expects they’ll be the future of transportation. So it’s no wonder so many are looking to invest in it. Matt dives deep into the many stocks in the industry, explaining which have potential and which look terrible and should be avoided. He goes over the charts and explains his thoughts on each company so that you can be an informed investor. For long-term investors, this is one you can’t miss – because the electric vehicles sector is set to explode and there’s a lot of investment opportunities to be had. As long as you know how to spot them.

Even After This Bump, There’s Lots to Like About Plug Power Stock

Plug Power's strong Q3 results and its progress in multiple businesses make PLUG stock a good name in which to invest.

The 2021 Stock Market Could Bring the Greatest Gains We’ve Seen in Years!

Next year looks scary to some. People are talking about the collapse of the financial system, market crashes, and all around doom and gloom. But Matt doesn’t agree. He believe that 2021 could bring some of the greatest gains we’ve seen in a long time and kick off the Roaring 2020s with a bang. And Matt isn’t basing this on a feeling. He’s got stats to back it up. Also on this episode, Matt breaks down what Joe Biden as president would mean, and he also gets into a ton of sectors and stocks set to blow up.

A New Way to Get Rich

Setting yourself up in this explosive asset class ... how real wealth is made ... an invitation to a live event tonight with Matt McCall...

What’s Moving in the Stock Market

Quite a lot actually. The rally has slowed down a bit but there are still sectors in the market that are moving… and that means there is money to be made. Earnings in particular have caused some big stocks to move – including a couple subscribers own. Matt gets into some of the sectors you should be watching, and he also talks about the jobs number and what it means for the U.S. economy and market. There’s also a Q&A section… and it’s one you do not want to miss.

Blowout Trade Desk Earnings Illustrate Why Trade Stock Is a Winner

The Trade Desk is the leader of the enormous data-driven advertising revolution, making TTD stock a great long-term buy.

The Best Investment Strategy Right Now…

The best investment strategy for right now is one that has worked for ages – patience. This is an uncertain time for investors, and until we know where the election chips fall our best strategy is to wait and see. Don’t make any drastic decisions, and don’t try to be a hero. And if you’ve been following along with Matt’s podcasts, you likely shored up your portfolio long before this week. Now is the time to observe the landscape and look for good stocks at low prices. Some sectors are bouncing back even now, so you don’t want to miss out!

U.S. Presidential Election Stock Market Playbook

Investors have been panicking with the U.S. presidential election right around the corner, as no one knows who will win and what the result will mean for stocks. There’s no way to tell the future, but with a solid strategy you can protect your portfolio regardless of who wins. On this episode of MoneyLine, Matt shares his playbook for getting through election season unscathed. He breaks down several possible scenarios and explains what each could mean for the market. With this information, you’ll be prepared for anything…

What Should I Do With My Stocks Right Now?

What should I do with my stocks right now? That’s the question investors are asking in this volatile time, and Matt as the answers. He explains the three primary factors contributing to the volatility and what you should do to protect your money in the long term. There are still sectors where you can make gains investing now, and Matt thinks one in particular is due for a rally.

It Looks Like Nokia Stock Is Set For Its Long-Awaited 5G Bump

NOK stock has not done much for years now. However, this could finally be the time when shares are ready to move.

Bitcoin Hits Two-Year High as the Market Pulls Back

Bitcoin just hit a two-year high and is poised to keep climbing, but in the meantime the broad market is pulling back. Does that mean it's time to abandon stocks and go all-in on bitcoin? The answer is no. Bitcoin's strength is a good sign for crypto investors and a strong indicator of its long-term value, but you still need to be in the market if you want to maximize your profits. Even with the last two days' pullback, we're still only 4% away from all-time highs – a point the mainstream media fails to highlight. Stocks can't go up every day, but over the long term they are a reliable way to make amazing gains... as long as you know what you're doing. On this episode of MoneyLine, Matt guides you through the current market environment and touches on ideas like genetic testing and more.

5 Consumer Stocks Ready to Rebound When Date Nights Return

Consider these five consumer stocks to buy as outside activities like date nights come back in vogue.

5 Investment Winners From the Apple 5G iPhone 12 Announcement

AAPL stock slid 3% when the company announced its 5G-enabled iPhone 12. Here are five investment winners that will shrug off the frosty reception.

Investing In The Gaming Industry, Bitcoin, Vaccine Stocks, and More…

Investing in the gaming industry, bitcoin, and tons of other sectors is still safe regardless of any election volatility. Why? The answer is simple: You can't stop innovation. No matter who wins the election this November, innovation will continue. And that means there's still money to be made. On this episode of MoneyLine, Matt talks about several sectors where he sees innovation and profits for investors.

How a Second Wave May Offer a ‘Mulligan’ for American Well Stock

With a second wave of Covid-19 likely to slam us, American Well stock has obvious relevance that you shouldn’t be quick to ignore.

Exercise Patience and Wait to Buy Workhorse Group Stock If Shares Dip

Markets are impatiently waiting for the U.S. Postal Service deal to materialize before bidding WKHS stock higher