GameStop Could Still Fall, Even if Stocks Overall Stay Steady

Still at risk of big capitulation, with little hope of experiencing even one last spike, your best move remains the same: steer clear of GME stock.

Short Squeeze Stocks: PTGX, AGC and 3 Others Experts Think Are Ready to Pop

Here are five short squeeze stocks many investors are putting on their radar right now as a result of higher short interest and borrow fees.

While Much Riding on FDA Nod, Novavax Fortunes Are More Than Just Covid

The FDA approval is a near term catalyst that will take NVAX stock to new highs over the coming months. Buy NVAX stock in the dip.

Cash-burning Canoo Can’t Seem To Join Peers on EV Production Bandwagon

GOEV stock isn't going to amount to much at this rate. Investors should understand that its peers are pulling in front as you read this.

Chinese Government Scrutiny Makes DiDi Global Stock a Name to Avoid

DIDI stock faces immense regulatory woes which will continue to impact the company's performance for the foreseeable future. DiDi Global is a name to avoid.

Crypto Miner SOS Has One Thing Going for It but Even That Won’t Be Enough

SOS stock offers the ability to invest in cryptos without doing so directly but such an argument is not exclusive to the company.

Strong User Growth Should Stoke SoFi Stock Gains For Long-Term Holders

Buying SOFI stock below $20 is a great bet as it has the potential and ability to soar higher in the coming months.

As Bitcoin Rages Higher, Smart Crypto Money Should Diversify Into Floki Inu

While Bitcoin has attracted most of the headlines, the risk-reward profile now favors speculative digital assets like Floki Inu.

Tilray Stock Is Still Poised to Turn Over a New Leaf

U.S. legalization, and Tilray's global expansion efforts could enable TLRY stock to climb significantly above its current levels.

All Joking Aside, Shiba Inu Could Be the Most Honest Cryptocurrency

Shiba Inu proponents are not trying to change the world but instead just have a love for dogs. This type of honesty is refreshing for SHIB-USD.

Cardano Trading Volume Falloff Could Signal a Corrective Winter Ahead

While it’s easy to get caught up in the current narrative for Cardano, the past reveals much more useful information. Keep an eye on ADA-USD trading volume.

Cardano’s Investments In DeFi Building Case for Massive Upside Ahead

ADA-USD is betting on the DeFi future and it could be the edge Cardano needs to outdo its rivals in the long run.

Think Bitcoin Is Going to $100,000? You’re Wrong — It’s Going to $500,000

Bitcoin is the digital version of gold. And if Bitcoin gets as big as gold, you’re talking an $11 trillion market on 21 million tokens.

WISH Stock Value Hit by Pandemic Fade and ContextLogic’s Lack of Profits

WISH stock's monthly active users have dropped by a massive margin and are a major long-term concern for the firm.

The Shorts Are Right on Camber Energy Stock, but It’s Not Worth Joining Them

Going short on Camber Energy is a situation where the potential profits aren't enough to counter the danger of a short squeeze. Going long is a wager on renewed market madness. A tough situation to assess, it's best to invest elsewhere. Skip on CEI stock.

Aterian Talks a Good Game But It Isn’t Worth $14

The five analysts covering Aterian give ATER stock a median target price of $14. I’m not sure what they see in the consumer products company. 

4 Reasons Why the Coupang Stock Price Can Double in the Next Year

Coupang can transport its successful, proven methods to Japan and Taiwan, stoking a CPNG stock rally over the next 12 months.

Once-Cinderella Novavax Stock Could Be Poisoned by Merck’s Covid Pill

With a new oral antiviral drug by Merck potentially over the horizon, NVAX stock may be trading on borrowed time.

Globalstar Stock Seeks Catalysts as Revenue Slows and Debt Poses Risks

Globalstar lacks fundamental reasons that could move GSAT stock higher, while the downside risk is more likely.

Polestar SPAC Merger Makes Gores Guggenheim Stock a Hot Item

Polestar CEO says the electric vehicle startup is not a "Tesla killer," but GGPI stock could still provide multi-bagger returns.