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One Thing You Must Do to Become a Better Trader

Fellow Trader, As promised, this is Ken Trester back with Part 2 of this week’s coaching series How to Score Big Profits from Tiny Stock Moves. In Part 1, I shared my 3 proven principles of wealth-building and demonstrated how options trading lets you control stocks for pennies on the dollar. Today, instead of focusing on trading techniques, I want to explore the benefits of active trading, using my Power Options Weekly service as an example. So let’s get to it. Each Friday morning, I provide 5 hand-picked trades to my Power Options Weekly members. Then the power’s in their hands! If you’re like my members, you might use my 5 ideas (at least partially) as a starting point for their own trading plans… You might have limited funds and concentrate on market sectors you’re most comfortable with… Or take 1 or 2 real trades and “paper trade” the rest, as you learn… And — once you’re ready — jump right in with my full line-up of 5 calls and puts. My goal is to share a variety of trades — 5 each week — to meet all my members “where they’re at.” Because, either way…there is no better teacher than experience.

Earn 10-20 times the money from America's favorite stocks

Repetition helps you master any subject, and trading is no exception. That’s another reason why I share 5 new trades every week, 260 a year. With that many trades — even if you just follow along on paper to start — you are exposed to and learn from many different situations. How market trends affect trades; when to harvest winners; how to manage losers; position sizing; and much more. Let’s now take a look to see how two specific, recent triple-digit winners played out so that you can get an idea of the kind of profits you can expect. Profit Example #1: Cato Corporation (CATO) In mid-May, I recommended that my subscribers buy to open the Cato Corporation (CATO) Jul 20 Calls (CATO180720C00020000) at $0.50 or lower. Shares of CATO had been consolidating in a tight range for most of April, but they began to break out of that range just before we opened our bullish trade. After an initial move above the $17 level, we waited for the stock to pull back slightly so we could get into our option position at cheaper prices. We ended up getting our orders filled right at my maximum price of $0.50 per contract, which was great to see, but then the stock continued to move slightly lower over the next two days. We were watching the stock carefully for any signs of further weakness, but because it never closed below our stock sell signal price during our time in the position, we continued to hold in anticipation of another breakout. Sure enough, just four trading days later, shares of CATO jumped higher by more than 15% at the open, and our CATO July 20 call options more than doubled overnight. Our option profit target of $1.30 per contract was easily reached – and even exceeded – and we quickly closed the position for a whopping return of 160%. Had you traded 10 contracts for just $500 ($50 open price x 10), you would have turned that initial investment into a quick $1,300 ($130 close price x 10) – which equates to an $800 profit in under a week.

Earn 10-20 times the money from America's favorite stocks

Profit Example #2: eBay (EBAY) About two months later, we opened a bearish trade on eBay (EBAY) – the EBAY September 35 put options, which I recommended for a maximum price of just $0.70 per contract ($70). The stock had traded lower after its prior earnings report at the end of April, and we were expecting the same thing to happen when the company reported its latest earnings in July. Like clockwork, when eBay reported disappointing earnings the last time around, the stock collapsed by 10%, and our bearish put options skyrocketed in response. This time, the option did not trigger our profit target, so we sent out a quick alert to subscribers letting them know it was time to take profits and exit the trade. We did just that and, at our closing price of $1.67 per contract ($167), we secured a profit of over 138%. A 10 contract lot would have cost you $700 to enter at the price of $0.70 per contract ($70 x 10), which you could have sold in just four trading days for $1,670 ($167 x 10)! In other words, we doubled our money – and then some – once again in less than a week, bringing home a total profit of $970. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see new traders make — over and over again. They make an options trade and just sit there until the options expiration date. If they’re up in a trade, they hold on in hope of making more. If they’re down, they hold on, trying to get back to even. But profits aren’t profits until you bank them. And it’s often better to cut your losses and redeploy assets in a better trade. That’s why I have strict rules about how long we’ll hold a trade at Power Options Weekly. Tomorrow — in Part 3 of How to Score Big Profits from Tiny Stock Moves — I’ll explain why. It’s all about managing trades and your overall trading wallet to make your money work harder. So until tomorrow... Wishing you great trading, Ken Trester Power Options Weekly   Read Article

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Trump Supreme Court Creates Legal Sports Betting Investment Bonanza

Tuesday, June 5, 2018, was a red-letter day in legal sports betting. On that day, Delaware Governor John Carney made history at the Dover Downs casino when he bet $10 on the Philadelphia Phillies beating the Chicago Cubs, and officially made the country’s first legal sports bet outside the state of Nevada. After Carney placed his bet, all three of Delaware’s casinos – Dover Downs, Harrington Raceway, and the Casino at Delaware Park – were open to take bets on sports like baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. It was a historic day that Delaware and other states wanted to see for a long time. And for reasons I’ll lay out below, it kicked off an era filled with incredible investment opportunities. On May 14, 2018, the Supreme Court ruled by a 6-to-3 margin to eliminate the 1992 federal law prohibiting nearly every state from allowing sports betting. The decision is now up to each individual state. What could this mean for states? Well, in 2017, $4.87 billion was wagered in Nevada, which was the only state allowed to have legal sports betting. That number pales in comparison to the estimated $150 billion that was bet through illegal bookies around the country. Let me cover those numbers again. They’re critically important. A total of $4.87 billion bet legally in Las Vegas in 2017. An estimated $150 billion bet illegally across the country in 2017 – about 30 times more. If you can grasp the significance of those numbers, you’re well on your way to making a fortune in the Great American Sports Betting Boom . In this three-part series, I am going to show you how big and profitable this boom could be. I’ll show you a huge part of this story most people are missing… and I’ll explain how you can capture the biggest, safest profits from what’s about to happen.

A Familiar Pattern

You’ve likely seen the headlines the last few years of marijuana stock fortunes being made... In some cases, in a matter of just days. Or weeks. Here’s how it all unfolded... Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. On Jan. 1, 2014, the laws went into effect. And nearly every U.S.-based pot stock went up. A handful went way up. Turning into 10-, 11-, 15-, and 18-baggers in just weeks. Since then, seven more states and Washington D.C. have followed Colorado and Washington’s lead. Today, we see the legal sports betting boom expanding just the same way, and that means the opportunity is expanding too!

An Opportunity 18X Bigger than Marijuana Stocks!

Legal Sports Betting Expanding to Other States

Since Delaware opened its doors to sports gambling, other states have moved to capitalize on the opportunity – especially before the NFL season starts on Sept. 6. As of June 25, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Mississippi, West Virginia and Pennsylvania had approved some level of sports gambling, joining Nevada, and Delaware. Next up in the immediate future are New York, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Iowa, but it’s only a matter of time until most states offer some level of sports gambling. The potential tax revenue is too big and too important to ignore. Think about it: If Nebraska decides it will not offer legal sports gambling but the surrounding states do, you can be sure that Nebraska will lose millions in tax dollars.

The Numbers Tell the Story

It’s difficult to know for sure how much money is illegally wagered on sports in the United States each year, but the estimate comes in around $150 billion. And remember, with only $4.87 billion wagered legally in Nevada in 2017, that means approximately 97% of all sports gambling is through illegal channels. In fact, the American Gambling Association estimates $4.6 billion was bet on the Super Bowl this year with that same 97% coming on the black market. There is no doubt that a large percentage of those illegal bets will soon move over to legal sports betting channels. The questions are how quickly that will occur and what the revenue numbers will be. Let’s stay with Nevada as our case study. In 2017, it generated gross revenue of $248.8 million through legal sports gambling channels. That means the state made 5.1% of the total amount wagered. Now, let’s apply that same 5.1% to the $150 billion that was bet illegally. The result? $7.66 billion in gross revenue – or a whopping 31 times what was generated in Nevada last year.

An Opportunity 18X Bigger than Marijuana Stocks!

Lest you think I’m looking at this through rose-colored glasses, let me share the view of others on the topic. Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, a boutique research firm specializing in the gaming and technology sector, sees annual gaming revenue of $6 billion in the U.S. by 2023. That’s based on 32 states legalizing sports gambling. The firm’s research report goes on to say that if all 50 states legalize sports gambling, annual revenue could reach $15.8 billion on a total of $245 billion wagered in just five years. To put that number into perspective, commercial casino gambling generated $39 billion in revenue in 2016 (not including Native American properties). Let’s look at the most exciting number of all. If legal sports betting revenue climbs from $248.8 million in 2017 to $15.8 billion in 2022, we’re talking about a 63-bagger. That kind of growth opportunity is rare, especially outside of world-changing technology. Right now, as we speak, legalized sports gambling bills are making their way through state legislatures in more than half the U.S states according to Forbes... Here’s a quote: “With more than 30 states about to enact regulations that would allow sports betting within their borders, sports betting is an industry on the rise.” – Forbes Now get this. In nearly a dozen of those states, legal sports betting bills have been “fast-tracked.” Take West Virginia for example. In late June, the state initiated ‘emergency regulations’ to legalize sports gambling by fall. Why fall? It’s football season. States want legalized sports gambling in place to generate tax revenue by the time the 2018 NFL season starts on Sept. 6. You see, the majority of sports bets in the U.S. are placed on NFL games – and 95% of those bets were illegal. And now it’s legal and up for grabs. I'm very confident that legal sports betting is one of the biggest money-making opportunities you’ll see in years. That's why I've produced an entire online presentation on it. Tomorrow, I'll explain why the country’s demographics make this such an amazing growth opportunity and how businesses are already spending big dollars to prepare for the upcoming sports betting boom! Regards, Matt McCall P.S. Donald Trump's Supreme Court has opened up a lucrative new investment opportunity. You can learn why I’m so bullish on this opportunity, and how YOU can get your share of the windfall – right here. Read Article

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