Introducing: Stefanie Kammerman, Legendary Dark Pool Trader

For the 1st time ever, a former financial insider is stepping forward to show you how to spot Wall Street’s “hidden” trades before they move the market.

Wed, July 15 at 7:00PM ET


Money Moves for Recent Grads: UT Dallas Professor David M. Cordell

New graduates are entering a market radically reshaped by Covid-19. Here's how to maximize your money when you're fresh out of school.

Did Warren Buffett Contribute to Occidental Pete’s Demise?

For those unfamiliar with Buffett’s relationship with Occidental, his company lent OXY $10 billion last August to help it acquire Anadarko, beating out Chevron (NYSE:CVX) in the process. In hindsight, Chevron’s CEO has got to be ecstatic it lost the fight.

Buy Ericsson Stock on the Dip as Market Volatility Returns

Ericsson is picking up 5G network equipment contracts and that is good for ERIC stock in the long run

Can Luckin Coffee Cheat Its Way to Prosperity?

Due to an accounting scandal, Luckin Coffee never has to worry about making the headlines this year. But that alone isn’t a great reason to buy LK stock.

Money Moves for Recent Grads: Creighton Professor Robert R. Johnson

'People should be lauded for paying down student loans. However, making that the only financial priority is misguided.'

Money Moves for Recent Grads: Clemson Professor Josh Harris

'Most graduates will probably be more risk averse regarding their savings and budgeting due to Covid-19.'

A Time-Sensitive Techno-Trade

One of Eric Fry's favorite semiconductor stocks appears poised to leg higher. Here are the trade details ***We begin today's Digest with a reminder to join us...

Money Moves for Recent Grads: UT Austin Professor Michael Sury

'Borrowers should not, however, confuse minimizing their monthly payments with saving money. Minimizing payments is not the same as minimizing interest.'

3 Energy Stocks to Buy For Long-Term Gains

As we get ready to enter the second half of the year, these three energy stocks to buy represent a healthy mix of income from dividends and potential for future growth.

Ignore Bearish Narratives and Make a Move Into AMD stock

AMD stock is an attractive investment due to its impressive gross margins, healthy revenue growth in its core segments and its upcoming launches.

Money Moves for Recent Grads: Utah Professor Ann C. House

'Building savings is made by the day-to-day decisions we make to spend less, save even if its $2 a day at first, but be consistent and set this money aside. An emergency fund takes time to build. Repaying student loans will also be the habitual paying debt down each month, perhaps throwing a bit more towards the debt, until it is paid.'

Marathon Oil to Recover and MRO Stock Spikes as Oil Rises

Marathon Oil stock climbs out of doldrums with higher oil prices. MRO stock is likely to continue to rise as oil prices rise and economic growth takes hold.

Let the Economy Settle Before Buying Ford

Auto sales will be down sharply throughout 2020. This means that it's too early to buy the dip in F stock right now.

6 Companies to Invest in Today for 10 Years of Growth

What a difference 10 weeks has made in the stock market. So which companies should you invest in for the next 10 years? Here are 6 choices.

Advanced Micro Devices Looks Attractive, But It May Be Better to Wait

CNBC’s Jim Cramer believes Advanced Micro Devices has plenty of gas left in the tank. But that doesn't mean AMD is a buy here.

Alibaba Stock Remains Too Good an Investment Opportunity to Ignore

Chinese technology behemoth Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) stock is a tricky one to evaluate. On one hand, it is hard to ignore the explosive growth potential of...

Management Delivers a Strong Long-Term Investment Case for AMD Stock

Even amid COVID-19 worries, AMD stock remains a high-growth pick. But investors should be ready to embrace short-term profit-taking

Legendary Stock Picker’s CONTROVERSIAL Message About 5G

Matt McCall has been called America’s #1 tech investor. He’s pinpointed 20 “grand slam” wins over his career… That’s 20 recommendations that have soared 1,000%...

The Virus Vaccine Race is Fueling Moderna Stock to New Highs

We don't know which vaccine will succeed. Therefore investors in MRNA stock should proceed with caution.

Delta Air Lines Stock Has Plenty of Upside From Current Depressed Levels

The crisis isn’t over yet for DAL stock after another 2020 record-low close on Friday, but does that make Delta Airlines a buy?