AMC Stock Is Only for Fearless Investors

The future of AMC stock is inextricably linked to Reddit. But AMC needs more catalysts to ensure its long-term survival.

Too-Volatile, Too-Disconnected GameStop Stock Will Continue to Burn Shorts

Despite the best efforts of the bears and skeptics, GME stock always seems to make a comeback -- and more price spikes are likely to come.

Will Lucid Motors Make Churchill Capital Stock a Boom or a Bust?

With its reverse merger nearly completed, retail investors will get to see if CCIV stock, will deliver on the potential that they see.  

Pinterest Stock Keeps Capitalizing on Its Pandemic Prominence

Pinterest is a company that understands the changing needs of users and offers the best features at the right time taking PINS stock higher.

There’s More Than One Way To Play Pershing Square Tontine Holdings Stock

On a sum-of-the-parts valuation, InvestorPlace’s Mark Hake puts PSTH stock at $30.50. Is Bill Ackman's SPAC the way to play Universal Music Group?

Nio Stock Seems To Be Gearing-up for the Next Big Rally

Nio stock looks good for a renewed rally with sustained growth in vehicle deliveries. International expansion supports growth. The vehicle margin likely to see further improvement.

The Shroom Boom Is Coming Soon. Here’s How to Play it for 10X Gains.

The Shroom Boom will give birth to a multi-hundred-billion-dollar industry – and you can get in on the ground-floor of this investment megatrend by buying the right psychedelic stocks today.

Here’s Why Digital Ad Giant Trade Desk Stock Is Surging Once Again

The Trade Desk has shrugged off its springtime slump. The Google news has TTD stock flying. Here's what you need to know.

5 Stocks to Buy for Biden’s Big Infrastructure Bill

You just need that one catalyst to “wake up” clean energy stocks and spark an enormous rally back to all-time highs. The Infrastructure Bill is that one catalyst, and these are the best stocks to buy right now.

Sell AMC Stock Before the Herd Dumps the Shares

AMC' stock has stalled in recent days as the buying pressure on it has eased, setting the stage for a potential selloff.

7 Best Renewable Energy Stocks That Also Pay Dividends

Here are seven renewable energy stocks that also pay dividends. These are stocks in a high growth sector with healthy cash flows to sustain payouts.

As the Pandemic Fades, This “Social Proximity” Trade Could Flourish

The beauty and cosmetics industry was hit hard during Covid-19, but as the world reopens, it could make a huge comeback.

Buying Into Tilray Stock as a Meme Play Will Benefit the Wrong Side

While TLRY stock has now drawn attention from the Reddit crowd, insider selling makes banking on social media a tough proposition.

Wait for Polygon To Mature Before Investing in the MATIC Cryptocurrency

While it might seem obscure to most investors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts see Polygon as a major advance and are excited about its potential. Fans of MATIC point out that the cryptocurrency is now outpacing both Ethereum and Bitcoin in terms of its price appreciation.

Churchill Capital Corp IV’s Valuation Is Not Excessive

Lucid Motors' sales forecasts and pre-orders should dispel investors' concerns about the post-merger valuation of CCIV stock.

If You Can Buy C3.ai Stock Below $60, You Should 

C3.ai's Q4 2021 results were ahead of expectations. However, subscription revenues grew less than 20%, prompting AI stock to fall.

You Need To Read Between the Lines With SoFi Technologies Stock

A former SPAC that enjoyed the fervor over blank-check firms, SOFI stock now suffers from fundamental challenges.

Mina Price Predictions: How High Can the MINA Crypto Run?

Mina Protocol has a tiny blockchain but big dreams and a number of privacy-focused features that make it very attractive for cryptocurrency bulls.

Miner Marathon Digital Stock Could Still Pop, Even if Bitcoin Stays Flat

As a high-risk/high possible return play, is MARA stock worth it? Yes, but be careful. There's still a chance projections are too good to be true, and Marathon Digital's mining ramp-up fails to live up to expectations.

7 Stocks Today That Could Be the Next Amazon Stock Tomorrow

We are looking for the future growth stocks that have tremendous runway. You know, the next Amazon stocks out there. Here are a few.