Divergence Is the Rare Market Phenomenon That Will Ease Your Recession Fears

Divergence is a once-in-a-decade market phenomenon that has a perfect track record of minting millionaires. And now it's emerging yet again.

AV Stocks Will Roar as Tech Helps Walmart Solve its Biggest Problem

It’s a great time to start buying AV stocks. Their “coming out” party will happen in 2022. And as every major retailer automates their transportation logistics, I think the best AV stocks will keep partying until 2030.

Which Way Will the S&P Break?

Watch the S&P and its 200-day simple moving average … will the west sanction Russian copper next? … our copper trade sits at its own...

The World Needs Raw Materials, Your Portfolio Needs Rio Tinto Stock

RIO stock is trading at an irresistible valuation, and Rio Tinto offers hefty dividend distributions to help investors build their wealth.

Can IBM Stock Rally 27% to $165 Per Share?

IBM stock pays a 5% dividend yield, trades at just 13 times earnings and is forecast to grow earnings 24% in 2022. It's time to pay attention.

Buy the SoFi Stock Dip With Both Hands! 📉

One of my core beliefs as an investor is that you should invest in products and services that you love ¬– and boy do I love SoFi. Why? Well, for starters, consumer banking is a terrible experience. Everything you hate about the way traditional banking works, SoFi has fixed.

I’m Still Bullish on NIO Stock – You Should Be Too

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHZ-mG3XkfM&feature=youtu.be There’s a lot of force behind the EV stock trade -- especially Nio (NYSE:NIO) stock, a veritable industry powerhouse, to discuss. Although folks were doubtful...

Polestar’s High-Performance EVs Make Gores Guggenheim Worth Your Attention

GGPI stock is interesting ahead of its merger with Polestar, which already has strong sales figures and standout EV models.

This “Rush” Just Got Supercharged

Once again, metals used to create batteries continue to be important to watch. Right now, the metal to pay attention to is nickel.

3 Battery Stocks That Pay Dividends. Are They a Buy?

Battery storage is fundamental to "a radical energy transition" that is now underway. These battery stocks offer healthy dividend payouts which significantly add to their upside potential.

The Cracks in Fintech Are Starting to Show

There are numerous choices for investors who wish to hold currency, from paper money to gold to crypto. Each has its own pros and cons.

Now’s Your Chance to Buy SoFi Stock for 17X Gains by 2030

The current crash in growth stocks is creating some, truly life-changing investment opportunities. And SoFi stock may be the best opportunity out there today.

What Stocks Do Well During a Bear Market? 7 Picks for a Downturn

These are the best bear market stocks to invest in now. T, BG and CL are some great picks for investors looking to weather the storm.

Finding Opportunity in a Changing Digital World

The pandemic brought many changes to our lives, but it was really just an acceleration in a trend that's been ongoing for years.

Phase 2: Four Top-Rated Growth Stocks for Triple Digit Gains or More

Phase 2: Four Top-Rated Growth Stocks for Triple Digit Gains or More 2022 has been a brutal year for the tech-heavy NASDAQ. In fact, 2022...

Why Is Novavax (NVAX) Stock in the Spotlight Today?

Novavax is once again in the spotlight as China reports near-record numbers of Covid cases. What's going on with NVAX stock?

VCs Double Down as Global Conflict Erupts

We're in turbulent times, but if you're looking for private investment opportunities, these times bring some exciting opportunities.

Coupang’s Latest Results Show It’s a Long-Term Play for Patient Investors

CPNG stock price fell sharply after posting results, revealing details on Coupang's expenses and international expansion plans.

This Time, It Really Is Different

Periods of big change often only come when they have to; e-commerce needed a pandemic to reach its potential. The same is true elsewhere.

How to Get Better Returns by Ditching the Crowd

Emotions can get the best of us sometimes. And with Crowd-Seeking Bias, even the best investing ideas can become a losing proposition.