ARK Invest’s Top 25 Holdings Explained

ARK Invest’s portfolio has seen a dip lately, as have so many portfolios based around growth stocks. While Matt suggests building your own baskets of investments, the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) has a lot of solid companies that he believes in long term. The recent pullback may have been alarming, but in the long run this is only a small bump in the road. Today, Matt breaks down the ETF’s top 25 holdings and explains which ones he likes best.

Dogecoin Is Not Better Than a Lottery Ticket, Mathematically Speaking

Dogecoin is lottery ticket in the sense that it's odds of being worthless are pretty good. Anyway, check the math on Mark Cuban's claim here.

Top 5 Stocks to Hold for the Next 10 Years

In this episode, Matt shares the top stocks to hold for the Roaring 2020s. He asked his Twitter followers what they thought, so he goes through the answers and explains why some are great long-term holds. Others may be popular but aren’t the most efficient to buy now. Then, Matt highlights his top picks to buy and hold, varying from technology to energy to real estate and so much more. This episode holds the key to creating your own ETF that could net you incredible gains.

What the Response to the SPAC Craze Means for Social Capital Hedosophia V

IPOE stock has faded amid a paused merger and pressure on SPACs. That pressure — both from investors and regulators — is worth understanding.

The Top 10 IPOs Investors Should be Watching

SPACs were extremely popular last year. Investors loved the opportunity to get in on such young companies, but SPACs aren’t the only way to get in early. Investors should also be watching traditional IPOs. Of course, it’s not always wise to buy into any old stock just because it’s new. To help you, Matt has compiled the top 10 IPOs that have piqued his interest and is sharing them all with you so that you can be watching for the right moment to buy.

Podcasts, Overseas Growth Will Help Boost Spotify

Spotify’s ambitious plans for its podcast business and its entry into numerous international markets this year makes SPOT stock a good buy.

How to Stay Optimistic and Make the Most of the Opportunities

Wondering how to stay optimistic as an investor with all the volatility in the market? Right now, things don’t look too bad, but there are stocks that are down. It’s all about having the right mindset. Staying optimistic is the way to go… not just as an investor but in life. You have to weather the storm to get where you’re going. If you’re ready to invest for the long term, Matt has a laundry list of opportunities to share on this new episode of MoneyLine.

7 Stocks for a ‘Made in the USA’ Boost to End the Semiconductors Crisis

President Biden is clamping down on the shortage in semiconductors with a $50 billion dollar plan — a bonanza for these seven stocks in the space.

Important News for Pot Stocks and Market Updates

Things have been quiet for pot stocks recently. But recent legislation indicates that they’re poised for growth. With legal cannabis companies now able to do business with large financial institutions, it means that more can go public and brand-new opportunities will be unleashed for long-term investors. But cannabis isn’t the only market set to blaze today. In this episode, Matt talks about crypto pullbacks and other buying opportunities that you need to be aware of.

Article Removed Based on Editorial Review

Here's why investors in little-known PLYZ stock are seeing absolutely massive gains today, on the heels of an impressive announcement.

Stock Market News Stories You Need to Understand

The market is now slowing down one bit, and there’s a lot to keep track of. So today, Matt breaks down the major stories that could affect your bottom line. He explains in depth the rotation of money that is leaving growth stock investors reeling. He also discusses the importance of diversification and patience.

Ahead of EVBox Merger, TPG Pace Beneficial Might Be Cheap for a Reason

Although TPGY stock is tempting because of its market discount, you should think through the fundamentals of EV charging carefully.

The Truth About Inflation

This morning, we learned that March’s U.S. consumer prices rose for the fourth straight month. Meanwhile, the pace of inflation notched its highest level in...

The Chip Stocks You Should Be Keeping an Eye On

Imagine investing in Intel in the 1980s… Nvidia in the ‘90s… or even Advanced Micro Devices just three years ago. These chip stocks have seen gains upward of 100%. And it’s not over yet. Not by a long shot. Matt preaches investing in innovative trends, and what’s so great about chip stocks is that many let you invest in multiple of these trends at once. These are the kinds of long-term investments that can truly multiply your money. But how can you tell which are good and which to avoid? That’s where Matt comes in.

The Secret Buying Opportunities In The Stock Market No One Else Is Taking About

Matt shares the secret buying opportunities in the stock market that no one else is talking about – in SPACs. When a sector of the stock market goes out of style, as SPACS have at the moment, it becomes ripe with opportunities for those willing to look. There are buying opportunities that no one else is talking about. Matt shares his secret for making intelligent investments and so much more!

Dumpster Diving for SPACs to Buy Now

The hype has died down. Many SPACs have plummeted recently, and most have given up on finding any opportunities for profit. That makes now a great time to buy. In this new episode, Matt dives into the charts and highlights some SPACs that are bargain buys right now. And the best news? This is only Part 1. Tune back in on Friday for Part 2.

Article Removed Based on Editorial Review

To our readers,  Our mission at InvestorPlace.com is to provide you with thoughtful investing ideas that can help you increase your financial freedom.  The article that previously...

3 Ways to Invest in the Microgridification Trend

Efficient and reliable, the microgrid trend is here to stay. These three stocks will help you capitalize on it.

The Best Investments for the Next 10 Years and Beyond

In this episode, Matt breaks down the best eight investment trends for the next 10 years and beyond. Right now, a lot of great stocks have pulled back, and that’s made some incredible buying opportunities. These stocks are in sectors like solar, real estate, crypto, and others that simply are not going away any time soon. Matt walks you through the charts and explains why these investments are poised to give you some of the best returns of your life.

4 Underperforming Stocks To Sell For April

Spring is a time of renewal, so now is an excellent time to rebalance your portfolio. Here are four stocks to sell for April.