Lands’ End Lawsuit: Delta Employees Say Uniforms Made Them Sick

A Lands’ End (NASDAQ:LE) lawsuit is in the works from Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) employees unhappy with their uniforms.

Lands' End Lawsuit: Delta Employees Say Uniforms Made Them Sick

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According to these Delta employees, the uniforms are making them sick. Some employees are claiming that the uniforms cause hives and migraines, while others are blaming them for hair loss and boils.

The Lands’ End lawsuit includes a collection fo Delta employees from various roles. Among these are flight attendants, gate agents, and other workers. These employees claim the problems stem from the chemicals used to treat the uniforms.

Delta Air Lines doesn’t have its employees backs in the Land’s End lawsuit. The airline has released a statement saying that toxicology tests show the uniforms are mostly safe. The only issue in the tests was the apron, which is no longer a part of the uniform, and was optional, to begin with, reports Business Insider.

This isn’t the first Land’s End lawsuit that has been brought up over the Delta employee uniforms. A similar one was filed in May 2019 with many of the same complaints. The difference was this lawsuit only included two employees. The new one has hundreds and is seeking class-action status.

This new Land’s End lawsuit is relying on a statement from the CDC’s National Institute of Occupational Safe and Health. That statement, made in June 2019, says it “is possible that textile chemicals in the uniforms or the physical irritant properties of the uniform fabrics have caused skin symptoms among Delta employees,” notes Milwaukee Business Journal.

LE stock was down 1.28% and DAL stock was down 1.54% when markets closed on Friday.

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