Balancer (BAL) Price Predictions: Where Will the Balancer Crypto Go After Altcoin Frenzy?

Currently, the sentiment in the crypto space is incredibly bullish. Today’s IPO of Coinbase (NADSAQ:COIN) has lifted investor expectations to new highs. Accordingly, DeFi tokens like Balancer (CCC:BAL-USD) have been a hot commodity. Balancer (BAL) price predictions have increasingly become bullish, which is expected, given the rapid rise BAL has seen of late.

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Today, the Balancer crypto is up more than 15% at the time of writing. These returns are nowhere near what investors in COIN stock are seeing today from the reference price. However, any double-digit day is a good one for investors.

It appears momentum is beginning to build around the Balancer crypto as a top DeFi play. Balancer is increasingly being viewed as a decentralized exchange, or automated market maker, by investors. Given the interest in Coinbase of late, investors are hoping to see some sort of similar returns with other DeFi platforms and tokens over time.

The range of predictions on where Balancer crypto could be headed varies. However, investors will note, the predictions are quite bullish. Accordingly, let’s jump into what the experts think about this crypto option today.

Balancer (BAL) Price Predictions

As a reference point for the below predictions, Balancer token (BAL) currently trades at $63.

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