GeoVax Labs Stock Is a Monkeypox Meme Play for Bold Traders

  • GeoVax Labs (GOVX) shares have surged even though the company recently posted a net earnings loss.
  • This is likely due to the outbreak of monkeypox, as well as the revival of the meme stock trade.
  • Investors should only consider GOVX stock if they can tolerate the risks involved.

GeoVax Labs (NASDAQ:GOVX) recently released its second-quarter 2022 financial results. Some investors might object to GeoVax’s net earnings loss. However, there’s still upside potential for GOVX stock as the company advances a number of vaccines, including one for monkeypox.

Plus, the GeoVax Labs may be the target of a short squeeze, so traders should prepare for volatility and risk.

GeoVax Labs is a biotechnology company that develops vaccines and immunotherapies against infectious diseases and cancers. The company has multiple product candidates targeting Covid-19. However, traders on Wall Street have been more focused lately on the monkeypox treatment potential of GeoVax’s GEO-CM04S1 vaccine.

At the same time, meme-stock traders may have targeted GeoVax as a short-squeeze candidate. If you like to trade stocks that move fast, stay tuned as GOVX stock could have powerful upside momentum.

GOVX GeoVax Labs $2.10

What’s Happening with GOVX Stock?

Until recently, GeoVax wasn’t on most people’s radars. However, the spread of the monkeypox virus generated a lot of attention.

This would explain why GOVX stock, which traded between 60 and 70 cents in mid-July, recently surged above $2.50.

This may have occurred, in part, due to GeoVax possibly being a meme-trade target.

GeoVax was a relatively obscure company with a low share price and modest daily average trading volume. The monkeypox news catalyst undoubtedly also brought meme-stock traders’ attention to GeoVax.

Therefore, it’s easy to see why the meme-stock crowd might choose to initiate a short squeeze on GOVX stock.

They might push the stock higher, so be aware that trading GeoVax shares could involve both high risk and high reward.

GeoVax Advances Its Monkeypox Vaccine

Monkeypox has been in the headlines lately and for good reason. The Biden administration declared it a public health emergency. Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it views the monkeypox outbreak as a “global health emergency.”

GeoVax certainly wasn’t a first mover with its Covid-19 vaccines. However, the company seems to be a strong competitor in getting a monkeypox vaccine to market. To that end, GeoVax offered an encouraging update.

“Currently, evaluation is underway related to GEO-CM04S1 and the prevention of Monkeypox,” the company said in a statement. “It is anticipated that the results will demonstrate successful protection, validating that GEO-CM04S1 is protective against both COVID-19 and Monkeypox.”

That’s great news for all stakeholders. GOVX stock investors can also be encouraged by GeoVax’s $30.9 million cash balance as of June 30, which was bolstered by proceeds from GeoVax’s capital-raising activities.

There’s certainly room for improvement as GeoVax wasn’t profitable during 2022’s second quarter. Still, GEO-CM04S1 could be the key that unlocks future revenue, and perhaps even profits, for this up-and-coming biotech business.

What You Can Do Now

Make no mistake about it: GOVX stock isn’t for everyone. Yet, this is probably true for low-priced biotechnology stocks in general. After all, not every trader is prepared to accept the risks involved.

On the other hand, GeoVax looks like a strong contender in developing a monkeypox vaccine. Also, the company may be a short-squeeze target, so a powerful share-price move could happen at any given moment. So, feel free to invest in GeoVax as this fascinating vaccine maker works diligently to combat the monkeypox virus.

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