SNDL Stock: New Company Name, Same Old Problems


  • SNDL (SNDL), formerly Sundial Growers, is undergoing a major rebranding effort.
  • The company’s stock isn’t the pure cannabis market play that it once was.
  • Investors should check the company’s financials, and may choose to sell or avoid SNDL stock.
SNDL stock - SNDL Stock: New Company Name, Same Old Problems

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You might know SNDL (NASDAQ:SNDLstock as representing a Canadian cannabis producer called Sundial Growers. However, the company now wants you to call it plain old SNDL.

There’s a major rebranding afoot, and some investors might not like SNDL’s new business model. Plus, after delving into the company’s financials, traders may choose to avoid SNDL stock.

There was a time when the former Sundial Growers represented a promising pure cannabis play for prospective investors. This was particularly true prior to 2020 before a number of cannabis stocks collapsed.

And so, we see SNDL doing what struggling businesses sometimes do: implementing a rebranding effort. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company’s financial problems will be solved.


What’s Happening with SNDL Stock?

Giving SNDL stock a “D” rating might seem harsh, but just look at how much wealth the long-term investors have lost over the long run. Just in 2022 through August, the shares lost half of their value, from $6+ to around $3.

Now, some folks might think that a half-priced stock means there’s a compelling value here. Yet, it’s difficult to assign a value to SNDL as the company doesn’t even have a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio. That’s because the company has no earnings, but we’ll get back to that topic in a moment.

For the moment, just know that CEO Zach George wants to emphasize how new and different the company is. Sundial Growers is old news; we should all call it SNDL now. Plus, the company now strives to “build Canada’s largest private sector distribution platform for liquor and cannabis.”

But hold on a moment – did you notice something? George mentioned liquor before cannabis. Is the company shifting away from its pure-play cannabis market business model?

SNDL May Be Different, But It’s Still Unprofitable

Frankly, a name change doesn’t really solve SNDL’s problems. The company is still unprofitable, plus some current investors might not even be aware that it’s mainly a liquor business in some respects.

Let’s do the math and see what we come up with. During the second quarter of 2022, SNDL generated $148.6 million in gross Liquor Retail segment sales. Meanwhile, the company’s quarterly gross revenue from Cannabis Retail segment sales amounted to $63.5 million.

During that same quarter, SNDL’s gross revenue from Cannabis Cultivation and Production segment sales totaled $15.4 million. In other words, the company’s generating significantly more revenue from liquor than all of its cannabis interests combined.

Can we really call SNDL a cannabis company anymore, then? Just as importantly, can we call it a profitable business venture?

The answer is no, as SNDL sustained a net earnings loss of $74 million in Q2 2022. That’s much worse than the already worrisome $52.3 million net loss from the year-earlier quarter.

What You Can Do Now

So, here’s what you can do now. If you’re currently invested in SNDL stock and you weren’t aware that it’s a drastically different company than it used to be, feel free to reconsider your long position.

And, if you haven’t bought the shares but you’re thinking about it, take a close look at SNDL’s bottom-line stats. They’re moving in the wrong direction, so caution is definitely advised as a new company name can’t mask the company’s all-too-familiar financial issues.

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