3 Tokens to Buy Now to Ride the Next Crypto Surge Higher


  • Finding the right tokens to buy to ride the crypto market’s momentum isn’t easy, but these are three to consider.
  • NEAR Protocol (NEAR-USD): Daily transactions have surged, signaling strong investor confidence and ecosystem growth. 
  • Sui (SUI-USD): Its zkLogin development has led to notable enhancements in social login functionality. 
  • Aptos (APT-USD): Continues to see strong growth and is among the most overlooked altcoins right now. 
tokens to buy - 3 Tokens to Buy Now to Ride the Next Crypto Surge Higher

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Financial markets have seen high volatility this year, but it’s been mostly to the upside. Higher-growth stocks and cryptocurrencies have seen outsized gains relative to their respective benchmarks. For those looking for tokens to buy, and who are bullish on the potential for this rally to continue, that may mean moving out on the risk spectrum may pay off.

I’m not one to suggest buying and holding any old altcoin for the long-term is a good strategy. Indeed, most projects in this space are likely to lose the vast majority of their value.

But there are pockets of potential growth worth considering in this space. As far as altcoins are concerned, there are there particular tokens to buy that have caught my eye. Let’s dive into why investors may want to consider these digital assets right now.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR-USD)

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NEAR Protocol (NEAR-USD) has emerged as a prominent blockchain player in Q1 2024. In fact, NEAR’s recent surge has led this token to surpass its 2022 all-time high. Total value locked skyrocketed to $335 million, outperforming its rivals BTC and ETH.Daily transactions and the stablecoin market cap surged, indicating robust investor confidence and ecosystem growth.

NEAR is experiencing price fluctuations, indicating a balance between buying and selling pressures around a key level. Our forecast predicts NEAR to hit $20 by the end of 2024, driven by development milestones, ecosystem growth and blockchain adoption. By 2030, NEAR could surge to $100 or more, propelled by wider industry adoption and matured decentralized applications (dApps) on its platform.

Despite challenges like market corrections and regulatory concerns, NEAR Protocol shows resilience and potential for lasting growth. With a strong community and solid tech, NEAR is poised to seize emerging blockchain opportunities. In the US and globally, optimism towards NEAR is rising, driven by its potential to innovate sectors through decentralization. This growing faith suggests a positive outlook for NEAR’s future growth and ecosystem.


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The Sui (SUI-USD) blockchain recently experienced a surge in activity, surpassing Solana with over 41 million daily transactions. This spike suggests growing adoption and hints at a potential SUI token price rebound. Known for scalability and low fees, Sui recorded an unprecedented 40.96 million daily transactions, far surpassing its usual average of 1 to 2 million. This surge could be attributed to increased blockchain adoption, potential new dApp launches and recent partnerships with BytePlus and First Digital.

Sui’s zkLogin introduces multi-signature recovery and Apple account support, offering enhanced user options and robust account recovery methods. This feature is precious in case the credential issuer or app becomes inactive. zkLogin, built on Sui’s cryptographic flexibility, simplifies the user experience by enabling social logins, including Google, Facebook and Apple, without managing private keys.

This addition benefits iOS users, making wallet creation easier and enhancing security. Multi-signature functionality offers a vital account recovery option, allowing users to access their wallets independently of the zkLogin issuer or app.

Aptos (APT)

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This week, Aptos (APT-USD) blockchain released over $102 million in tokens, stirring attention in the crypto community. Aptos, known for scalability and efficient dApp operation, saw its largest token release, possibly causing market fluctuations. Investors are closely watching for potential changes in Aptos’ price and liquidity.

Aptos Labs, led by former Facebook employees, advances its mission of enabling global access to decentralized assets. On May 9, they announced new advisors, including David Lawee, former VP at Google, who aims to bridge blockchain to mainstream users. Pamela Drucker Mann, CRO at Condè Nast Global and Dan Boneh, Stanford professor, joined Aptos’ advisory board.

Mann will enhance Aptos’ culture, while Boneh will contribute expertise in cryptography and cybersecurity for infrastructure and security. “Aptos Labs aims to broaden access to financial empowerment, digital experiences and social connectivity worldwide,” said Lawee. He expressed excitement about bringing Web3 to mainstream users. Lawee’s move follows his departure from CapitalG in March 2023 after 17 years at Alphabet.

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