Rohit Chhatwal

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Apple Stock in a Jam as Customers Opt for Lower-Priced iPhones

Recent CIRP report shows customers opting for lower-priced iPhone models. This has squeezed Apple's margins and is hurting Apple stock.

Amazon Stock Is Facing Margin Pressure in AWS

Amazon stock might show a bearish sentiment as the operating margin of its most profitable segment, AWS, is coming under pressure.

The Impact of Facebook’s Libra on Apple Stock Is Being Underestimated

Apple stock depends on the future growth of AAPL's services. But Facebook's Libra can stymie Apple's ambitions, hurting AAPL stock.

Alibaba Stock Will Be Impacted by Setback in India

BABA is moving away from funding unsuccessful startups. That should be positive for Alibaba stock and boost BABA stock in the long-term.

Amazon Stocks Should Grow on Its Automation Efforts

Amazon stock will depend on improvement in margins of the shipping and fulfillment costs. AMZN's automation investments should help.

Amazon’s Advertising Business Is in a Transition

Amazon stock is dependent on the performance of advertising segment -- and worries about that segment are overblown.

Forget Trade Worries, Apple Stock Is a Buyback Story

Apple stock is heavily dependent on the buyback pace, reducing the importance of AAPL fundamentals in the short term.

Alibaba’s Delivery Platform Provides a Big Opportunity

Alibaba's delivery platform should show better margins as the price wars with rival Meituan slows. That could be another growth driver for BABA stock.

Forget the Trade War, Alibaba Is Winning the Cloud Wars

Alibaba is building a big lead in cloud market share in China, and BABA stock improved its market share in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Apple’s Research Bill Is Pressuring Margins

Apple stock faces new challenges in the next few quarters as operating margin continues to decline due to higher research expense.