Charts & Technical Analysis

Technials Point to More Micron Might

Chipmaker Micron Technology has soared 140% year-to-date and is surging on analyst love. Check out these levels to watch in MU stock.

Alcatel-Lucent Stock Is Acting Outright Giddy

While Alcatel-Lucent is far, far off prices from its early-aught heyday, it's on a doubling run in 2013 that's built on solid technical legs. Still Punishing Nonbelievers

The bears have been dealt another devastating blow with last week’s rally, making the long-side of still attractive, even if overbought in the immediate-term.

3 Stocks Set Up for a Short Squeeze in September

Three big name stocks are set up for short-squeezes in September thanks to strong charts and an increase in trading activity.

Energy Stocks Sporting Some Serious Juice

The Syrian conflict has put a jolt into energy stocks such as Exxon Mobil and Chevron that could continue in the near-term.

Big Tech Won’t Hold up the Market

Yesterday's parade of news about Syria, Larry Summers and the debt limit wasn't kind to QQQ's biggest holdings.

10 Must-See Charts in the Retail Sector

The retail sector is looking shaky -- with the charts of some key stocks in dangerous territory -- but three retailers have the potential for a breakout.

Facebook Investors Might Not Bail Despite New Highs

You might expect Facebook stock to suffer as holders who got in early can finally cash out on a profit ... but there's a few things that could prop up FB instead.

Stocks Are Nearing Bounce Territory

Correction achieved -- the S&P 500 and Dow Jones have taken a pretty hard tumble in the past few days. But important support is nearing.

Exxon Mobil: Oversold, But Still Wobbly

Exxon Mobil (XOM) has receded quite sharply over the past three weeks, but the shorts still might have additional opportunity in the coming days.

Qihoo Investors Can Keep Looking North

Qihoo 360 Technology (QIHU) is a momentum stock and should be treated with caution, but it's showing few signs that it's ready to escape its broader uptrend.

Time Is of the Essence for a Gold Bounce

There is no rule saying that just because the medium-term trend in economic growth is up, gold can’t rally in the short-term.

Tesla Bulls Could Be Napping for a While

Regardless of whether Tesla Motors will end up selling a car to every citizen of driving age, slopes this steep tend to mean-revert in violent fashion.

Stop Fretting About a Market Correction

Is it really so difficult to imagine a 10% market correction in something that is up 280% in a little more than four years?

Priceline: A Monster Rally Needs a Breather

Priceline stock excited the bulls with a push past $990, but it was a weak push. Wait for some consolidation in PCLN before chasing it to $1,000.

Don’t Despair About the Dow Jones’ Descent

The multiday declines of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the transports, as well as the DJTA's underperformance, still isn't much to hang one's hat on.

Homebuilder Stocks Are in a Technical Mess

The broader SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF as well as individual homebuilder stocks like D.R. Horton are showing troublesome charts, but don't be too quick to jump into bear trades.

Apple Stock Breaks Resistance … Now What?

Apple stock just broke past a key area of resistance at $465, and momentum clearly is with AAPL. But how much will that momentum be worth?

Gold Could Be in for a Short-Term Pop

The past couple weeks of GLD trading have been tight, which smells of consolidation that ultimately could resolve with a break higher for gold.

Facebook Stock: Almost Back to Square One!

Facebook stock has made a run near its IPO price thanks to a 40%-plus run in the past few trading days. What does that portend for the longs?