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Charts & Technical Analysis

VIDEO: 3 More Stocks Set to Break Out

While recent volatility has made playing breakouts more difficult, you can still find compelling candidates if you're careful. Here are a few opportunities. Read Article

GameStop: It’ll Pop … or Double-Top

Following a recent breakout, GameStop is retesting another level of important support. Watch this level to signal a big move in either direction. Read Article

HPQ Is Sniffing at Important Resistance

Hewlett-Packard has found itself trading in a tight range around an important resistance area. A meaningful break above could be followed by a significant move. Read Article

Google’s Posture Remains Positive

Google stock has worked off its overbought condition and has potential upside from a swing-trading perspective. Here are the levels to watch. Read Article

Russell 2000: A Little Short-Term Juice Left, But That’s It

The IWM's move higher since November 2012 is extremely steep and likely long in the tooth. It is merely a question of time before the Russell 2000 corrects. Read Article

What to Do After Dollar General’s Double Top

Dollar General isn't exactly on the verge of an all-out collapse following Tuesday's haircut, but the short-term picture has become a bit rockier. Read Article

Chinese Large-Caps Still Look Vulnerable

Chinese large-caps -- as measured by the FXI exchange-traded fund -- haven't joined in 2013's broader rally. We explore whether that might change. Read Article

Friday’s Bloodbath Isn’t Over Yet

Friday was a sea of red ... and the charts point to continued pain ahead. Here's what you need to know. Read Article

Where Will Gasoline Prices Go From Here?

Driving season is upon us, but we haven't seen the rise in gas prices we might have expected. It may be on the horizon -- here's what to watch for. Read Article

3 Stocks That Won’t Suffer a Large Correction

As long as these stocks continue making higher lows and higher highs without going vertical, the broader market will have a hard time slowing them down. Read Article

Little Stands in the Way of General Electric

General Electric's steady and orderly stock incline of the past few years can easily continue over the coming months. Here's what the charts have to say. Read Article

Facebook Wobbling on Its Last Technical Legs

Facebook stock doesn't look any more appealing to the bulls than it did two weeks ago, but the bears are salivating as FB approaches last support. Read Article

Apple: Stay Bullish Above $430

Much of AAPL's overbought condition has worked itself out, and the stock now is in a more neutral stance that should favor the bulls. Read Article

Nikkei: Aggressively Pulling Back, But Not Collapsing

The Nikkei's two-day bashing (and related drop in the EWJ) is jarring, but technical support should keep this dive from getting much hairier. Read Article

Let Yahoo Take Its Lumps for a Minute

Yahoo looks technically frothy in the short-term, but it is in position to work nicely higher still in the coming years. Read Article

GOOG Is Full Right Now. Come Back Later.

Google's near-term overbought condition favors a quick GOOG trade on the short side, but that's about it. Longs will have to wait it out. Read Article

How Low Can Gold and Silver Go?

Yesterday's snapback didn't pull gold and silver out of their longer-term downtrends, but it did create long-side opportunities for swifter traders. Read Article

Facebook Stock Is in No-Man’s Land

A year after its disastrous IPO, Facebook sits in a technical rut that should have long-side investors thinking twice. Read Article

Don’t Toy With Technically Sloppy Nokia

Nokia's ugly chart has been screaming "hands off," and yesterday's ugly performance only confirms that stance -- for now. Read Article

Tesla Stock Needs Time to Calm Down

Big moves like the one Tesla Motors saw last week tend to need time to digest, warranted or not. Traders' best move here might just be no move at all. Read Article