Trade of the Day

Trade of the Day: It’s a Hot Time to Trade the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Again

The SPY ETF has embarked on a slippery slope lower over the past couple of weeks. It now pays to be tactical and measure the next downside targets one at a time.

Trade of the Day: The iShares Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) Is Overbought

While I personally think the bond rally can continue in coming quarters, in the near term, the TLT ETF looks to be vastly overbought and a mean-reversion trade is setting up for active traders to feast on.

Trade of the Day: Amazon Stock Is Primed for a Bounce Trade

AMZN stock hasn't been immune to the recent stock market volatility, but Amazon looks increasingly oversold, making it a promising bounce candidate for the active trader.

Trade of the Day: It’s Not Too Late to Short the Russell 2000 (IWM) ETF

Through the September/October period, I see plenty more downside for the IWM ETF that bears could take advantage of.

Trade of the Day: It’s Time to Short the SPY ETF

Many issues are now lining up on the SPY ETF's charts that indicate the SPY's path of least resistance is lower for a mean-reversion move.

Trade of the Day: Procter & Gamble Stock Has Gone Parabolic

While I like Procter & Gamble as a longer-term play, in the near term, PG stock is vastly overbought and active investors and traders could look to the short side for a trade.

Trade of the Day: Wix Stock Is Falling Into a Bearish Trap

While trend followers enjoyed the year-to-date rally in WIX stock, it is now sporting an ominously bearish technical pattern that may soon be an issue that bears can profit from.

Trade of the Day: Is Citigroup Stock the Next Bank Name to Break Out?

C stock has been coiling in a technically well-defined pattern and now looks poised to move higher through the lens of a technical breakout.

Trade of the Day: The Bull Train In the GLD ETF Is Just Getting Started

Looking toward the coming months and quarters, the GLD ETF can reach $150 ... it just won't do it in a straight line.

Trade of the Day: Square Stock Is Getting the Bullish Squeeze

While SQ stock is just now getting back to its February highs, it has also developed further technically sound and bullish patterns.

Trade of the Day: GrubHub Stock Is Waving a Bullish Flag

After a brutal nine months for GRUB stock, it recently has been showing much better signs of life again in recent weeks and looks to be pointing to higher levels still.

Trade of the Day: Facebook Stock Has Plenty of Bullish Resiliency Left

While FB stock is essentially flat since late April, Facebook continues to trace out bullish patterns that point to higher prices in the near term.

Trade of the Day: Zoetis Stock Screams Overbought

ZTS stock is higher by roughly 30% year-to-date, but it is also extremely overbought. Traders can eye Zoetis for a mean-reversion move lower.

Trade of the Day: Exxon Mobil Stock Offers a Defined Short

Exxon stock's most recent rally now has it failing at a critical area of technical resistance on the charts where a good reward-to-risk trade looks to be setting up for active investors and traders alike.

Trade of the Day: Short the Utilities Select Sector SPDR ETF

The XLU ETF has reached the upper end of its longer-term trading range, which means now is a good time to short it.

Trade of the Day: The SPDR Gold ETF Is a Buy

The up-trend in the GLD ETF is just getting started. Thus, GLD is a good tactical allocation through the upcoming months.

Trade of the Day: Short the Russell 2000 IWM ETF

The Russell 2000 IWM ETF is now up against a well-defined area of resistance, which allows traders to place well-defined shorts for a trade.

Trade of the Day: It’s Time to Short Starbucks Stock

SBUX stock is higher by about 30% YTD and the latest rally has taken Starbucks into overbought territory. Active investors and traders could look short SBUX for a trade.

Trade of the Day: Best Buy Stock Is on Slippery Slopes

While still higher for the year, BBY stock is now far off its year-to-date highs. But that doesn't mean there aren't any opportunities in Best Buy.

Trade of the Day: Facebook Stock Is Ready for a Bounce

From a technical perspective, it's clear that FB stock is ready for a bounce. Here's how you should approach Facebook now.